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Keeping Food Safe When Catering: 3 Challenges Pros With Food Handling Certification Know to Watch For

Can foods be safely transported? Does the venue have enough refrigerator space? Discover the challenges caterers with food handling certification know to overcome.

Cook-in-Bag Chicken and other Solutions to Cross Contamination

A food handling program teaches that cross contamination occurs when harmful bacteria spreads to food from other food, surfaces, hands or equipment. Cross-contamination commonly occurs if equipment used for raw food preparation is then used for cooked or ready-to-eat food. We’ll examine some preventative measures taken to eliminate cross contamination in the packaging industry, as well as what retailers in the UK are offering-up in their product lines to lower the risk of salmonella poisoning as well as other harmful risks associated with cross contamination. Food Safety Regulations Prompt Manufacturers to Reconsider Equipment Around the world, food manufacturers face mounting concerns about safety and.. READ MORE »