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Upcoming Free Workshop: GMP and Operating HPLC (Hands-on, Practical)

  On February 11th, in this free hands-on workshop, instructor Jason Chu answers all of your questions on Good Manufacturing Practices and HPLC. Based on his industry exposure, Jason will introduce attendees to concepts and ideas based on his personal experience in the field. Find out why GMPs are important in the Pharmaceutical practice, what a career involving GMPs demands and how HPLC training can be beneficial to your career. Prepare yourself to be well suited for career in Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing. For more information, click here. To register, call 416-502-2277 or email us at 

ECG and Phlebotomy Training at AAPS

Demand for individuals with ECG and Phlebotomy training is quickly growing. We are happy to announce that come this fall, AAPS will be offering ECG and Phlebotomy training in the months of September and October. What is ECG? What is ECG? ECG stands for electrocardiogram. An ECG technician performs certain diagnostic tests to access the heart rhythm and rate. They utilize ECG machines to acquire a patient’s heart rate. Students will learn how to operate an electrocardiogram machine for diagnosing heart related conditions. What is Phlebotomy? What is Phlebotomy? A phlebotomy technician’s role is to perform venipuncture and draw blood from a patient.  They.. READ MORE »