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Transferable Skills that Could Make You Great at Cannabis Retail

Students in cannabis programs bring skills from all sorts of backgrounds, including: Pharmacy – the two industries are similarly regulated Food quality assurance – especially with edibles being introduced soon, food science backgrounds are useful Beauty and cosmetics – with a likely influx of beauty and cosmetic CBD products on the horizon, these backgrounds feed well into cannabis When it comes to cannabis retail in particular, students with a background in retail bring transferable skills with them that can apply well to this career path. Read on for some transferable skills that could make you a wonderful cannabis retailer! Customer.. READ MORE »

A Look at Roadside Tests If You Want to Open a Cannabis Store

Since recreational cannabis has become legal in Canada, there has been a discussion around impaired driving and how to test for it. The first testing device to be approved for use by Canadian police was the Drager DrugTest 5000. A second device, the Abbott SoToxa, has now been approved as of June 2019. Almost one year elapsed between the first and second devices’ approvals. Both devices are designed to detect presence of THC. Since they can’t measure impairment of a driver, they are only used to tell if a driver has recently used cannabis. The testing needs to be combined.. READ MORE »

3 Things to Know About Microdosing If You Want to Open a Cannabis Store

One of the most popular trends to hit the cannabis market recently has been microdosing. Instead of consuming large amounts of cannabis in order to get high, more people are taking small amounts of the plant. The microdosing trend has become so popular that if you’re considering a career in cannabis, it’s important you understand why people are turning to microdosing. Below we’ll look at some of those reasons and at how microdosing could affect your cannabis business. 1. Microdosing Focuses on the Non-Psychoactive Effects of Cannabis Microdosing, as its name implies, is the practice of consuming cannabis in small.. READ MORE »

Cannabis Retail Career: Discover Planned Edibles Regulations

The sale of cannabis edibles will be legal in Canada no later than October 17, 2019. To prepare, Health Canada recently released its proposed regulations for manufacturing and selling them. While the regulations are likely to be tweaked before edibles sales are legalized, they provide a useful glimpse into the sort of regulatory framework anybody working in the cannabis sector can expect. If you’re thinking about a career in cannabis, you should pay close attention to the proposed rules. The regulations will affect many different sectors of the cannabis industry, including retail, marketing, and production. Let’s take a look at.. READ MORE »

Why Cannabis Tourism Can Be Big in Ontario l AAPS

Thinking about a career in cannabis retail? Find out why industry experts say Ontario has huge potential to be a leading cannabis tourism destination.