Study Tips for Mature Students Beginning Pharmaceutical School

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Are you considering returning to college after a long hiatus? Whether you want to upgrade your skillset to get promoted to your dream role, make a complete career switch, or modernize your knowledge in your field, it’s never too late to return to learning.

Naturally, many adult learners are concerned about their study skills and ability to succeed in a learning environment after so much time away from the classroom. However, as an adult learner, you have a unique advantage. Your life experience and previous career and educational endeavors will be an asset in your ability to succeed.

As for your study skills, keep reading for a quick refresher that will help you prepare for success when returning to college.

Determine Your Preferred Learning Style Before Pharmaceutical School

The first step in ensuring your studies during pharmaceutical school are as effective as possible is to determine your preferred learning style. By figuring out how you work best, you can ensure that every study session you have is focussed and productive, as adult learners tend to have limited time to devote solely to their studies.

There are three main types of learning styles: visual, auditory, and tactile. Visual learners learn best using visual cues such as graphs, diagrams, and highlighted text. Auditory learners learn most effectively by listening to a topic being explained to them out loud, and tactile learners learn well when trying things for themselves in a hands-on environment. Once you determine which type of learner you are, you’ll be able to focus your study strategy on how you learn most effectively.

Make a Study Schedule Each Week for Better Time Management During Pharmaceutical School

To make balancing your work, education, and personal responsibilities easier, start every week by creating a carefully thought-out schedule. Using a day planner, calendar, or a calendar application on your phone, write down important upcoming project deadlines, testing dates, to-do lists, and even personal or family events like birthday celebrations or soccer games. By having everything written down, it’ll make it easier to find time to focus on your studies. In addition, you can combine your calendar with your family’s calendar so everyone is on the same page.

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Create a weekly schedule to set aside time solely for studies

Start a Study Group With Your Fellow Students

It’s true that two heads are better than one, which is why you should take advantage of your fellow students for support during your pharmaceutical quality assurance studies. Every student is bound to have their strengths and weaknesses. By creating a study group with like-minded and devoted students, you can learn from individuals who have a good understanding of topics you might find challenging. In turn, you can practice teaching certain concepts to the students in your study group. Teaching someone else about a topic is one of the most effective forms of studying that there is.

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During pharmaceutical training, create a study group with fellow students

Find a Study Space Where You Work Best

How you study is just as important as where you study. Finding a place where you can focus without being interrupted is important, especially if you have children or other forms of distraction at home. If you like working in a silent atmosphere, a library or a home office could be a great environment. If you don’t mind a little background noise when you study, a coffee shop or bookstore could be a great place for your study sessions. Wherever you find you study best, make going there a part of your study routine.

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