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Life Sciences Offer Women Ground-breaking Research Opportunities

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) jobs are generally considered to be a vital part of the economy, and one of the hottest sectors for employment and education investment. As an added bonus, STEM offers a unique chance for female researchers and inventors to be on the cutting edge of this century’s new discoveries. Biological and life sciences are experiencing a global boom. From newer and better life extending and improving treatments and technologies, to expanding the understanding of the human body and its potential, medical technology that was science fiction a decade ago is taken for granted. Discoveries in.. READ MORE »

August 7, 2013

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Top Canadian Pharmaceutical App Gets International Option

Last month, My MedRec went global. If you’re not familiar with the app, My MedRec is a free system designed on behalf of pharmaceutical industry representative association Rx&D. The iPhone friendly system helps users track their medications, including dosage, timing and drug information. Additionally it creates an easily shareable data that can be sent to doctors, nurses and pharmacists, ensuring seamless medical care. The app makes a lot of sense in the face of the fact that Canadians are the leading smart phone adopters in the world. As well as having some sort of smart phone in their pocket, most.. READ MORE »

July 12, 2013

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Catastrophic Drug Plans to Span All Canadian Provinces

As of October, with the inclusion of New Brunswick, every Canadian province will have a catastrophic drug plan in place. These last resort measures protect families from medical bankruptcy and losing access to life saving treatments. There are slight variations in plans, but New Brunswick is adopting a model with no ceiling on spending for assistance. To qualify, candidates must simply exceed a certain percent of family income in drug spending. For the poorest families, this is 3% and for the wealthiest, payments in excess of 12%, assuring universal coverage for those in need, regardless of their backgrounds. This follows.. READ MORE »

July 4, 2013

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New Label Plan for Canadian Drugs

A new drug regulation was recently announced in Canada, this time controlling the packaging. That’s the Plain Language Labelling Initiative, which will be an overhaul of how drugs are described on their boxes and bottles. This new initiative aims at altering guidelines for better clarity. While pharmaceutical quality control can ensure that the contents of a package provide exactly the results they’re supposed to, it’s of equal importance to make sure healthcare professionals and consumers are also picking the right products. That means universal standards to prevent confusion between very similarly named or packaged drugs, oversight that is expected to.. READ MORE »

July 2, 2013

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Pharmaceutical Quality Control and a Recent Recall

At the end of May, four companies announced a recall on five drugs commonly sold in Canada. The recall is not about a problem with the medications themselves, as a treatment.  Amlodipine, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, lamotrigine and telmisartan are all still considered to be safe and effective in their own right. Instead, the recall affects only certain batches and lot numbers. This issue provides a case study for pharmaceutical quality control from the manufacturing side of things. No pharmaceutical company wants the bad publicity of a recall, but this incident also shows the necessary redundancies in pharmaceutical quality assurance. In this.. READ MORE »

July 1, 2013

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Rx&D Report Shows 34% Under Report Rate of Innovation Investment By Government Agencies

report by Rx&D, the Canadian association of pharmaceutical companies, confirms an ongoing trend of under-reporting of pharmaceutical innovation investment by government bodies. The report, released in May, shows a consistent 34% under-reporting rate over the past three years. Pharmaceutical research investment in Canada is tracked by two government agencies, Statistics Canada and PRPMB (Patented Medicine Prices Review Board).  The agencies work independently because they are gathering information for different mandates, and use separate methodology, but both produce similar data. However, Rx&D, which is also responsible for considerable self-regulation in the pharmaceutical industry, decided to track their own investments through studies.. READ MORE »

June 13, 2013

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Should Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals Educate Doctors About Drug Risks?

A recent study of 255 physicians in Canada, the United States and France highlights the important impact of pharmaceutical sales on doctors’ decisions and physicians’ reliance on sales representatives’ willingness to educate them on the full effects of the drugs they are selling. Researchers, who looked at doctors in Montreal, Vancouver, Sacramento and Toulouse, were interested in finding out how willing sales professionals were to discuss side effects of drugs. What they found was that on average, 66% of the Canadian physicians reported that they received no information about adverse side effects whatsoever. Globally, they found that only 6% of.. READ MORE »

June 12, 2013

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Generics in Ontario

Last week we covered a generic drug pricing deal that will affect most of Canada. This week we’re coming back to Ontario to take a closer look at the local impact of the laws on generics. While generic drugs are typically sold at lower prices than the brand name option, for pharmacies, stocking them is more than a matter of choice. In the past, the cost born by the retailer was boosted by two factors: a 13% higher provincial subsidy, greater than the one for branded drugs, and the ability to get a rebate from the manufacturing company of the.. READ MORE »

June 1, 2013

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January’s Pan-Provincial Deal Means Price Cuts for Popular Generics

One of the current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry is the role of generic drugs. This January, several provinces and territories have joined together to put their combined weight to play when it comes to negotiating on generic drug pricing. Generics drugs are an important part of pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and sales. A generic drug is a non-branded version of a medication whose effects are considered comparable to the branded version. They include anything from store brand aspirin to prescription-only pain killers. Generics are cheaper than non-generic drugs and they usually only differ in small matters like flavouring. No matter.. READ MORE »

May 15, 2013

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Influencing the Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry: BIO and Assises nationales sur la recherche et l’innovation

This week, we’ll look at two big conferences that may be affecting the future policy for everything from pharmaceutical research and development funding to drug sales regulations. BIO, a large, international conference, and the Quebec-based Assises nationales sur la recherche et l’innovation. As of today, delegates from the Ontario government are meeting at the 2013 BIO conference in Chicago. An annual event spanning the participation of 65 countries, BIO is big news for anyone working or studying to be part of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research. It’s a place where pharmaceutical and medical research-boosting strategy is discussed; business and government connect;.. READ MORE »

May 14, 2013

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