Celebrating the Science of Separation: HPLC Conference 2014

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From applications in agriculture to forensics and pharmaceutical testing, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is an essential analytic tool across several market sectors. This year’s HPLC Conference will attract an interdisciplinary gathering of scientists dedicated to sharing experiences, exploring new techniques, and brainstorming solutions to challenges in the field of liquid-phase separation. From May 11-15, the New Orleans Hilton will host intensive HPLC courses, poster competitions and cutting-edge product demonstrations. HPLC 2014 presents an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest instrumentation and software while networking with industry experts and enthusiasts.

Honouring the legacy of achievement

While the conference focuses on the future of HPLC by showcasing innovation, it also underscores the importance of past discovery by honoring those who laid its groundwork. A select group of worthy candidates are under consideration for two prestigious distinctions this year – the Uwe Neue Award and the Csaba Horvath Young Scientist Award. The awards recognize the invaluable scientific contributions made by Neue and Horvath to the fields of industrial and biomedical chromatography, respectively. The prizes are meant to both reward accomplishment and encourage growth – the Horvath Award is strictly for young scientists under the age of 35 who have demonstrated outstanding ability and promise.

Supporting future success

HPLC 2014 is not just a community of established industry experts. The conference also supports and rewards students who attend the gathering as a speaker or poster presenter. This year, there will be several travel grants available to eligible PhD candidates, students who must travel to further their research. Reflecting the international status of the conference, grants are on offer from around the globe – stipends to support research for Swiss and Austrian students, one specifically for Spanish speakers, and 8 travel awards for American PhDs. This way, the conference does its part to bolster a robust future generation of separation scientists.

Cutting-edge applications

All areas of industry respond to trends in development and application, and HPLC is no exception. The conference will reveal what’s up-and-coming in the field of separation – areas in which innovation is expected to grow most rapidly in the coming years. Panels of experts will give talks on expanding sectors, such as energy related and environmental applications, food analysis, biopharmaceuticals, and clinical research. Visitors will gain access to a detailed overview of new and emerging technologies, like advance detection techniques, nanoscience in chromatography, and the latest instrumentation for LC. These are the methods and insights that will drive progress in the field – an exciting exposition of theory and technology designed to inspire both expert and novice.  HPLC 2014 is sure to generate the kind of intellectual discussion and practical problem solving that will push the science of chromatography to new heights of experimentation and discovery.

Which application of HPLC do you think will see the most growth over the next 5 years?

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