A cannabis extraction technician in a laboratory after earning their cannabis certificate

Earning A Cannabis Certificate? Explore A Day In The Life Of A Cannabis Extraction Technician

The cannabis industry has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, fueled by increasing legalization and a surge in consumer demand for cannabis products. Among the many career opportunities this burgeoning industry presents, a cannabis extraction technician role stands out as a rewarding and crucial one. 

Cannabis extraction technicians operate within a controlled laboratory environment, utilizing specialized equipment, heat, pressure, and solvents to isolate cannabis compounds. Their paramount focus is on maintaining rigorous safety and quality standards throughout the extraction process. Another crucial part of their job is to ensure the purity and potency of the extracted compounds. They meticulously collect samples and subject them to comprehensive lab testing to ascertain their quality. The data obtained from these tests are then diligently recorded, facilitating thorough traceability and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Are you considering becoming a cannabis extraction technician after earning your cannabis certificate from AAPS and wondering what a day on the job is like? This blog post contains all the details you need.

Preparation and Quality Assurance

A cannabis extraction technician who has completed their cannabis industry training typically starts their day by preparing for a busy shift. The first task is to review the production schedule and prioritize the day’s extractions. 

Before the extraction process can begin, the cannabis material must be prepared through a process known as milling. Milling involves grinding the cannabis plant into fine particles to increase surface area, which enables efficient extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes. This initial process sets the stage for successful extraction.

Before diving into the actual extraction process, the cannabis extraction technician typically also meticulously inspects and calibrates the extraction equipment. Quality assurance is a crucial aspect of their job, as any deviation can impact the potency and purity of the final product.

A cannabis extraction technician checking the extraction equipment during cannabis industry training

Quality assurance is an essential part of the extraction process after your cannabis industry training.

The technician then carefully measures the raw cannabis material to ensure accurate dosing for each extraction run. This is a delicate process that requires precision to maximize yield and maintain product consistency. Once everything is set up, the extraction technician performs a series of tests and checks to confirm that the equipment is functioning optimally and meets safety standards.

The Extraction Process

With the preparation complete, the cannabis extraction technician commences the extraction process. Depending on the type of extraction method employed – such as CO2 extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, or ethanol extraction – the technician adjusts parameters like temperature, pressure, and solvent ratios. This blend of art and science allows them to obtain the desired cannabinoids and terpenes while minimizing the extraction of unwanted compounds.

A cannabis extraction technician handling the extraction process after their cannabis industry training

The extraction process is the most significant stage in the process, as you’ll discover in our cannabis courses.

Throughout the process, the technician closely monitors the extraction equipment, ensuring that it operates smoothly and adheres to safety protocols. A deep understanding of chemical reactions and process dynamics allows them to make real-time adjustments, optimizing the yield and quality of the extracted compounds.

A Cannabis Certificate Encompasses Lab Work and Data Analysis

As you’ll discover in our cannabis courses, a technician’s job doesn’t end with the extraction process. They head to the laboratory for post-extraction analysis and product testing. Using specialized equipment and techniques, they analyze the extracted oil’s potency, purity, and overall quality. These tests are essential to maintain product consistency and comply with regulatory requirements.

A cannabis extraction technician standing in a laboratory after cannabis industry training

The post-extraction process follows immediately after the extraction process, as you’ll discover in your cannabis industry training.

The data gathered during these tests is then meticulously recorded, forming an essential part of batch records. This documentation ensures traceability and allows for the identification of any issues that may arise during the production process.


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