AAPS Presents: HPLC School

AAPS HPLC Training

AAPS has created a new training program designed to equip students with a fundamental understanding of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) techniques in only two weeks.

This program, called HPLC School, launches on September 21, 2015 till October 2, 2015 and has been structured to provide students with real-world, tangible knowledge on a variety of HPLC related topics.

Instructed by Jason Chu, participants will learn the nature of HPLC techniques encountered in everyday laboratory work. From operating modern HPLC equipment, to calibrating and preparing HPLC systems, this thorough training is practical for employment in a number of industries.

“This program was created to help you stand out from the competition, “ says Chu. “It will get you noticed by employers.” Enhancing one’s resume with HPLC School opens up eligibility to a wide range of careers in quality control, research and development and process development. Students who complete this training program will also receive two credits toward a .

AAPS’ HPLC School is a fully developed professional program teaching students the skills necessary to succeed. Alongside their HPLC training, participants are taught interview skills and how to prepare a good resume. “Having the right skills is only part of what gets you the job,” continues Chu, “knowing how to present your qualifications is just as important.” AAPS is the only institution to offer such a thorough training program in only two weeks.





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