A Day in the Life of a Cultivation Technician for Students in Cannabis Training

Weed room operation in beginning stage

The process of cultivating cannabis for sale, medicinal purposes, or for processing into edibles is intricate and rewarding.Cannabis plants require particular conditions and careful monitoring so that cannabis businesses have optimal production and quality product. This is why the skills and knowledge of cultivation technicians is very valuable.

If you are interested in plants and want to join the cannabis industry, becoming a cultivation technician is one option among many. There are courses on growing techniques in which you can learn all about plant life cycles, breeding and propagation, as well as harvesting, and other important topics.

Keep reading to find out more about what cultivation technicians do.

A Day in the Life

Within any cannabis career path, there will be some variation on the day-to-day tasks that you perform after cannabis industry training, which is why it is helpful to have a well-rounded introduction to the industry through a variety of courses. With that knowledge you’ll be prepared for these components of the cultivation technician’s working life that are key:

  • Monitoring environmental control levels (temperature, humidity, moisture, etc.)
  • Recording and maintaining records of production
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations

cannabis training

With the right training, you can take your interest in cannabis to a professional level

Cultivation technicians will also be responsible for things like sanitization practices. If you have the opportunity to work with a new business, you may also participate in the grow room set up to ensure cultivation conditions are optimized.


One of the most important aspects to any position you may be qualified for when you take a cannabis course is teamwork. There are many moving parts to this nascent industry. This means that cannabis professionals rely on one another to get their jobs done and keep their careers on track. 

cannabis course

As is the case in many industries, cannabis professionals must work well as a team

Cannabis businesses serve many kinds of purposes, but most cultivation technician job descriptions include responsibilities that involve coordinating with other team members. For example, as one of the people responsible for compliance with regulations, you will need to collaborate with other staff to ensure procedures are followed, as well as report to supervisors or management if there are any roadblocks.

Necessary Skills and Cannabis Training

General and specialized cannabis knowledge are integral components to becoming a cultivation technician. Other skills that are necessary to excel in this career include:

  • Attention to detail, for example, noticing any irregularities or signs of pests or contamination in the grow room
  • Organizational skills, for example, putting together standard operating procedures (SOPs) based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and employee knowledge
  • Communication skills, for example, keeping management informed of grow room activities and interactions with colleagues; or sharing knowledge

cannabis course

Harvesting skills are also important for cultivation technicians to develop

As you gain the qualifications for the cannabis career you’re aiming for, these and other relevant types of skills will be developed. The responsibilities are, indeed, serious, but with the right training it is possible to enter this industry prepared and with confidence.

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