Working in the Cannabis Industry in Canada: 4 Things to Have On Your Resume

The cannabis industry in Canada is a burgeoning field, and the potential for growth in this sector is endless. In the coming years, many predict unprecedented expansion in the cannabis industry both in Canada and across the world, and the demand for trained professionals in the field is expected to increase accordingly. Graduates of a cannabis program may find opportunities for employment in production facilities, testing laboratories, edible processing facilities, and cannabis retail stores.

To understand how best to navigate the job market in the cannabis industry, here are four skills and qualifications to include on your resume. 

1. A Passion for the Product

Whether you choose to work in cannabis production, sales, or business development, employers are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about the field. To be successful in the cannabis industry, you need to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the product strains, uses, and effects, and be able to develop informed judgments based on that knowledge. Particularly when working in cannabis sales, you need to communicate interest, confidence, and transparency, so that customers come to trust the product you’re marketing. 

Showcasing your knowledge of the product specificities and a wider understanding of the cannabis market space will convey your passion for the industry to potential employers. 

Demonstrate an interest in the specificities of the product

2. Knowledge of Trends and Regulations in the Cannabis Industry in Canada

The cannabis industry is evolving at a rapid pace. As a relatively new industry, the regulations that govern cannabis sales and distribution are continually under review. It’s your responsibility as an industry professional to keep up with the laws surrounding the cannabis industry in Canada, and to ensure your work is always in compliance with them. Paying attention to any legislative changes will not only protect yourself and your business from serious penalties, but will also demonstrate your level of commitment to the work.  If you’re able to demonstrate an awareness of industry rules, employers will likely perceive you as a reliable and considerate worker.

Demonstrate an awareness of legislation surrounding the cannabis industry in Canada

3. Strong Communication Skills

If you’re hoping to enter the cannabis retail sector, various opportunities await, such as: 

  • Sales associate 
  • Store manager 
  • Business representative
  • Brand ambassador

Each of these and other possible positions require strong communication skills. Whether you have previous experience in customer service or working in a team, you should find a way to leverage the skills you gained from those experiences. 

Sales is all about fostering relationships, establishing trust, and providing insightful and positive experiences to your customers. In a flourishing industry like cannabis, where competition is ever-growing, the ability to develop long-term relationships with returning customers is invaluable to helping a business stand out from the crowd.

4. A Certification of Formal Cannabis Training

Holding a relevant certification or degree can help you stand out to employers as someone with the right interest, discipline, and knowledge for a career in the cannabis industry. Not only will you acquire an in-depth understanding of various techniques, practices and regulations, but completing formal training will demonstrate your passion in the field. 

Completing formal cannabis training will increase your knowledge and skill set

Areas of study for those completing their cannabis training include:

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Conducting analytical testing
  • Owning and operating a cannabis retail store
  • Pharmacological mechanisms of cannabis
  • Understanding compliance in the production and distribution of cannabis

With the relevant certification, graduates may find employment opportunities as quality assurance associates, brand ambassadors, laboratory technicians, and more.

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