Quality Assurance professionals looking at a clipboard after pharmaceutical training

4 Reasons to Pursue a Pharmaceutical Career in Canada This Year

Home to several prominent global pharmaceutical corporations, the Canadian pharmaceutical sector is one of the biggest in the country.  The country’s robust intellectual property regulations and stellar research and development credentials make it a desirable destination for pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical industry in Canada is expected to grow from an estimated $83.08 billion in 2022 to $141.69 billion in 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9% between 2022 and 2030.

Beyond the numbers, the pharmaceutical industry in Canada presents an exciting and dynamic field for professionals looking to make a significant, positive impact on public health. With a growing demand for healthcare solutions and a supportive professional environment, this sector offers unique opportunities. Are you considering getting into the Canadian pharmaceutical industry but still need to decide whether this is the right career move for you? Here are four compelling reasons to consider a career in pharmaceuticals in Canada after your pharmaceutical training at AAPS this year.

1. An Increasing Demand for Pharmaceutical Professionals

According to Statistics Canada, there are currently over 107,000 professionals contributing to the multi-billion dollar Canadian pharmaceutical sector. Astonishingly, the industry is growing at such a rapid rate that there’s currently a severe shortage of skilled workers in the industry. 

This translates to numerous job opportunities for qualified professionals. The high demand ensures job security and also opens doors for career advancements. Graduates with relevant pharmaceutical training and qualifications can expect a high pay scale and diverse career opportunities post-graduation. Our programs at AAPS equip students and graduates with the necessary skills and practical knowledge they require to succeed in this industry.

Three pharmaceutical professionals in a lab after pharmaceutical training

There’s a strong demand for pharmaceutical professionals after pharmaceutical training.

2. Canada Offers Diverse and Rewarding Pharmaceutical Career Options

A pharmaceutical career in Canada offers dynamic career options. The industry offers various job roles, from research and development to sales and marketing. Roles in this industry involve more than just creating and selling medications; they also include quality assurance, clinical trials, research, regulatory affairs, and more.

The pharmaceutical sector is so vast that there are many distinct roles to fit a diverse range of interests and skill sets. These roles include sales representatives, regulatory affairs professionals, clinical trial managers, and research scientists. Whether you’re interested in working on the latest healthcare innovations or being part of a team that brings critical medications to market, the opportunities are vast and fulfilling.

A smiling pharmaceutical professional in an office after completing her pharmaceutical training

A pharmaceutical career offers numerous options and roles.

3. Enjoy Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Pharmaceutical professionals in Canada benefit from competitive salaries and excellent healthcare benefits, making this profession highly attractive.

In addition to the basic salary, compensation packages often include substantial benefits, enhancing the sector’s appeal and demonstrating a commitment to the well-being and motivation of its workforce. These benefits, coupled with a high standard of living, make the pharmaceutical sector in Canada a very appealing career choice.

A smiling male pharmaceutical professional in a laboratory after pharmaceutical training

A pharmaceutical career allows you to contribute to safeguarding public health.

4. Pharmaceutical Training Allows for Opportunities to Contribute to Public Health

A career in the pharmaceutical industry is professionally rewarding and offers the chance to impact public health and well-being significantly. Professionals in this field are crucial in developing and providing medications that improve and save lives. Working in pharmaceuticals offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the health and welfare of society. This can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment that is hard to find in other careers.

A recent graduate Tolu Adegbite, a Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs associate at a leading Canadian Medical Device company, said, The courses covered every skill and knowledge needed for my career in Medical Device Regulations. The lecturers are so knowledgeable with quality experience in their field. The career service team helped prepare me for my first job interview in Canada, and I got the job. AAPS was the best choice for me.”

Ready to start making your contributions to the Canadian pharmaceutical sector this year? AAPS can be the perfect launching pad for your fledgling career. Join the illustrious list of AAPS students and graduates by enrolling for pharmaceutical training at AAPS and gaining access to the full complement of relevant, practical instruction and personalized career services necessary to help you successfully transition into the pharmaceutical industry.

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