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QA Quality Assurance and Quality Control Concept

In a tightly regulated industry such as cannabis, quality assurance is an integral element. Without it, pinpointing trouble areas or finding the cause of an issue can be nearly impossible. If you choose to work in this part of the cannabis industry, you’ll find ways to maintain optimal conditions and environments for safe, high-quality product. As a consumable, cannabis needs to be carefully checked before falling in the hands of the public. Consistency is key and attention to detail is a must for anyone working in quality assurance. If this path interests you, read on to learn more about what you can expect working in cannabis quality assurance!

Expect that Cannabis Quality Assurance Careers Will Feature Change

Cannabis is still a very new industry. Because of this, it will rapidly evolve moving forward. In the future your career may look much different from the way it can look today.

The road ahead features plenty of change in the cannabis industry

The road ahead features plenty of change in the cannabis industry

  • The cannabis industry borrows processes, testing methods, and procedures from other industries and applies them to cannabis, such as water and food labs—there is still experimentation with this
  • As more regulations, requirements, and provincial choices are made, quality assurance in the cannabis industry is forced to change to keep up with new needs
  • Adopting changes late can set businesses behind, so all quality assurance departments will prioritize adapting to new developments in order to remain competitive in the space

In cannabis quality assurance careers, this frequent change means:

  • Continuous learning
  • Challenges that ensure you stay stimulated
  • Opportunity for growth and more valuable and varied experience

Cannabis Quality Assurance Careers Are a Balance of Managing and Preventing

In your career, you will both deal with problems that arise and lower the risk of problems occurring. This combination of managing problems and preventing more from occurring often goes hand in hand. When an issue is found, the information from the discovery can be used to mitigate the risk of it or similar problems occurring again.

  • Reputation is also protected by proper quality assurance. If companies appear untrustworthy, it’s very damaging to their sales and the maintenance of their customer base. As a quality assurance professional, you can protect businesses from this.
Reputation is very important and can be protected by excellent quality assurance

Reputation is very important and can be protected by excellent quality assurance

Part of mitigating risk is also adopting new strategies as they become necessary or available. The constant change in the cannabis industry is a way to perfect and improve the high-quality conditions necessary for success.

Your Career May Make Use of Digital Tools

A key factor in keeping organized, accurate information stored into the future is digitization. This differs from printed documents that are kept in physical files in that it is much more:

  • Retrievable
  • Organized
  • Compact
  • Searchable

Digital systems for quality assurance make the job a lot easier and more error-proof. Digital information can also be encrypted or password-protected, making sensitive data safer. In your career, using digital methods will help to access the information you need more quickly and efficiently. After cannabis training, you will continue to learn more in your career about tools that can help or hinder the processes and tasks you need to perform. You can look forward to a career where you are continuously improving and developing as a professional.

Digital tools are helpful in a quality assurance career

Digital tools are helpful in a quality assurance career

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