Top 3 Career Paths For Those With Cannabis Industry Training in 2021

cannabis course
The career potential in the cannabis industry has grown exponentially since legalization efforts. At each stage of cannabis production – from extraction and cultivation to packaging and sales – there is a need for skilled professionals to uphold the quality and safety of practices. Graduates of a cannabis course will be ready to take up positions in production facilities, testing laboratories, cannabis retail stores, and more. In addition, there are constant opportunities for job advancements after getting experience in the workplace. Having an understanding of the top career paths in the cannabis industry today is the best way to get started. Here’s a quick guide to the opportunities that currently await!

1. Director of Cultivation: One of Many Cannabis Careers Options

Every cannabis business starts with growing cannabis plants. An experienced and knowledgeable cultivation director will oversee the early stages of cannabis production. In this role, you’re responsible for guiding practices to produce a potent and healthy cannabis product.  While managing a team of growers, the director of cultivation will oversee:

  • Planting 
  • Cloning 
  • Crop nutrition 
  • Pest control
  • Harvesting schedules
cannabis industry training

Apply your cannabis industry training to cultivating high-quality cannabis plants

Those pursuing cannabis careers in this field will benefit from a strong understanding of botany and horticultural practices that produce high yields. Additionally, candidates should know the optimal conditions for cannabis growth and have a clear understanding of Standard Operating Procedures. Students in the cannabis program at AAPS will gain a detailed overview of indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques related to the production of high-quality cannabis within the cannabis market. These relate to equipment and lighting, pest and disease control, temperature and humidity, and nutrient regimens. 

cannabis careers

Students in a cannabis course will explore effective indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques

2. Work in the Field of Cannabis Compliance 

As an evolving industry, cannabis production is subject to a number of rules and regulations. Navigating compliance in the industry is one of the most important practices for a cannabis business to invest in. Students in cannabis industry training will develop a comprehensive understanding of the current regulations surrounding the production and distribution of cannabis. This knowledge can be applied to a career as a cannabis compliance manager to ensure that all cannabis products meet health and safety standards. In this role, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Analyzing seed-to-sale tracking data
  • Conducting internal compliance audits
  • Develop new policies when necessary
  • Delivering training to employees 

By staying up to date on the latest changes in the industry, graduates of a cannabis program can create a systematic approach to ensure the safety and quality of all cannabis products. 

cannabis course

Compliance is a top priority for any cannabis business today

3. Explore Cannabis Careers in Retail Management

Those with a business mindset can apply their knowledge to a career in cannabis retail stores. When managing a dispensary, you’ll oversee all retail operations for cannabis companies. Whether you have a flair for customer service or an eye for marketing strategy, retail managers will find a rewarding career in connecting customers to the products they need. 

Additionally, you’ll be in charge of hiring and training new staff to ensure that the retail business remains compliant with regulations. In this role, communication and leadership skills are essential for ensuring all business operations run smoothly. With the right approach, retail managers can lead their cannabis business into a successful future in a growing field. 

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