The Importance of Quality Packaging for Those Interested in Cannabis Industry Courses


The container and packaging that cannabis is found in is more important than one might think. This is because there are various factors that can influence its
quality, such as humidity, temperature, and moisture, among others. 

To have the best possible packaging can give cannabis the longest possible lifespan, especially since lower-quality packaging can be detrimental for both business and quality control. Therefore, it’s beneficial to research and understand the effects certain types of packaging can have on cannabis, and how best to preserve it.

There are many reasons as to why packaging it properly and with the appropriate materials is important, and why it has so many advantages when done correctly. Here’s why quality packaging is important in the cannabis industry.

The Types of Containers Students in a Cannabis Course Should Know About

Those in cannabis industry courses will probably know that there are multiple options in which to store cannabis, each with their own upsides and downsides. Possibly the most common method for storing cannabis for retail purposes is plastic containers, which are good for that purpose but are not intended as a long-term solution for storage. However, using high-quality plastic packaging can have positive effects on the quality of the cannabis. 

Cannabis is frequently sold in plastic containers

In Canada, there are different types of containers: coverings (eg. outer wraps), immediate containers (the main packaging cannabis is enclosed in), and other types of containers (eg. packaging an immediate container is found within). There are also currently eight classes of cannabis that can be legally sold, each with varying regulations for packaging and labelling. These are:

    1. Dried cannabis
    2. Cannabis oil
    3. Fresh cannabis
    4. Cannabis plants
    5. Cannabis plant seeds
    6. Edible cannabis
    7. Cannabis extracts
    8. Cannabis topicals

      Eight classes of cannabis exist in Canada, including cannabis extracts

There are other options for packaging, such as mason jars and vacuum-sealed containers; both of which are very airtight and can help keep air out and maintain the cannabis’ freshness. If the container does not do a sufficient job of protecting the cannabis’ quality and moisture, it can lead to circumstances such as:

      • Drying of the cannabis
      • Product recalls
      • Filling line delays
      • Damage to cannabis retailer’s reputation
      • Decreased sales and consumer loyalty
      • Extra costs

Why Quality Packaging Is Important, and How to Use it Properly

It should not be surprising to students in a cannabis course that placing cannabis in low-quality packaging can have negative effects on the quality of the cannabis itself, as well as making it less palatable for consumers. This can be avoided if cannabis is stored in a safe container while being kept pristine and clean on the outside, is child-resistant, and does not have any defects. High-quality packaging will also be made of materials such as:

– High and low-density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE)
– Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
– Polypropylene (PP)

Furthermore, there are many aspects of cannabis that can be impacted, however positively or negatively, by its packaging. These include:

    • Quality of the cannabis
    • Texture
    • Durability
    • Air exposure
    • Potency
    • Flavour
    • Humidity and moisture
    • Fragrance 

      The quality and moisture of the cannabis can be impacted by packaging

      Having the correct type of packaging for cannabis is also important for reasons pertaining to regulatory compliance with both provincial and federal laws for cannabis distribution. Correct packaging is also important to preventing access to minors, providing necessary info to consumers (eg. THC and CBD content, weight, health warnings) and maintaining productivity during the production phase. 


      If the packaging is also environmentally-friendly and sustainable, this could provide added benefits in the eyes of clients purchasing it. Although there may not yet be any such thing as a perfect type of cannabis packaging, these are just some of many reasons why quality packaging is of the utmost importance.

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