The Cannabis 360 Conference: Key Industry Insights for Students in Cannabis Training

On September 9th, 2021, AAPS will host a panel of industry experts to offer some key insights on some of the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the cannabis industry today. Whether you’re considering a path in the industry or on your way to an established career, our panel of industry stakeholders will provide some practical takeaway for all attendees. 

The Cannabis 360 Conference will span topics ranging from entering the overseas cannabis market to adapting your own cannabis retail business. Whatever your professional interests in the field, the virtual conference is a unique opportunity to learn from the experts about topics currently shaping the cannabis industry within the Canadian market and abroad. Through live-streamed discussions and real-time Q&A, students can learn from experts at the professional frontlines. 

Mastering the Cannabis Retail Business 

The Cannabis 360 Conference at AAPS is a great opportunity for budding professionals to learn from in-depth discussions of the key sectors of the cannabis industry. With the industry facing unprecedented growth in recent years, cannabis retail businesses are set up to expand their operations across Canada. 

Cannabis training focuses on the regulations and trends of retail businesses

The Cannabis 360 Conference will feature key speakers offering insights into the current state of the cannabis retail landscape. AAPS Program Advisor, Conor Purdon, will be present to share his experience and knowledge of:

  • Cannabis retail regulations
  • Standards for retail stores
  • Sales and marketing of medical cannabis
  • Current trends in businesses across Canada

Guest speaker Ryan Roche of Lake City Cannabis will offer further guidance on achieving operational excellence in cannabis retail. A real-time Q&A at the end of the segment will give attendees a chance to receive experienced advice on their own areas of concern. With courses in Cannabis Retail Management and Business Management, students in cannabis training learn the fundamentals of licensing, store operations, and marketing in the industry. The Cannabis 360 Conference offers a unique learning experience to complement those studies. 

The Cannabis 360 Conference will explore operational tips in cannabis retail

Explore Cannabis Edibles Processing

The expansion of edibles is a key trend in cannabis production that is opening new opportunities for the industry. The Cannabis 360 Conference will hold a segment on Cannabis Edibles Processing, featuring speakers with expert knowledge of the development and implementation of safe edibles manufacturing. 

Students training for cannabis industry careers will take a module in Edibles Safety, which covers:

  • Food safety requirements for edible cannabis producers
  • Regulatory compliance
  • How to develop Preventative Control Plans (PCP)
  • How to implement a HACCP plan to control the safety of the final product 

For those interested in exploring this topic from the perspective of industry experts, the Cannabis 360 Conference will discuss the need for Preventive Control Plans and the case for HACCP. Among other speakers, attendees will hear from Atiyyah Ferouz, an instructor at AAPS who specializes in edibles processing, product development, and food safety courses. With the right knowledge and training, graduates can explore career opportunities in the expanding sector of edible cannabis products. 

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The Future of Cannabis Industry Careers

The expansion of the cannabis industry across Canada and the world will spur the demand for qualified and trained professionals. Those who can navigate the trends and intricacies of the burgeoning industry will be well-positioned for growth in a specialized field. The Cannabis 360 Conference brings together industry professionals, regulatory specialists, and business leaders to dissect crucial aspects of the cannabis industry. A segment covering the state of the industry, current trends, and future prospects is well-suited to those with professional ambitions in the field. With further opportunities to expand their technical knowledge and network with industry leaders, students can learn from those with first-hand experience in an innovative field. 

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