The Cannabis 360 Conference is Approaching! Why Those in Cannabis Careers Should Check it Out

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The Cannabis 360 Conference is back for the second annual industry conference on September 29, 2022! The virtual conference is your chance to gain key insights on the biggest trends in the emerging markets of cannabis and psychedelics, both in Canada and abroad. With discussions on the key aspects of the cannabis industry, you’ll receive technical knowledge straight from industry leaders and regulatory specialists. 

If you’re currently working in the cannabis industry or looking to start your career in the field, the Cannabis 360 Conference is a chance to learn more about the possibilities today. The aim is to deliver educational content and networking opportunities for all attendees. For students or graduates of the cannabis program at AAPS, this is a great way to advance your career with expert advice. Here’s a closer look at what to expect!

Explore Current Trends in the Industry

The cannabis industry has seen huge developments in recent years, with many more to come. Finding success in this field is about staying up to date with changes in consumer demands, regulatory standards, and business models. At the Cannabis 360 Conference, you’ll have access to inside knowledge from professionals with a working understanding of the cannabis industry today. 

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Hear from experts about the latest trends in cannabis careers today

For example, speakers will cover the international cannabis markets in the UK, Europe, and Asia. In this section, you’ll hear from industry leaders on the recent developments in the key markets around the world, the different licensing processes, frameworks, and overall potential in these new markets. 

Other topics will explore:

  • The state of clinical trials with psychedelics
  • Current concerns around psychedelic practices
  • The latest legal & political developments with the Cannabis Act
  • How technology is being used to improve operations 

As a student at AAPS, attending this conference is a great way to support your cannabis training with insights into the current state of the industry. 

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Learn about the recent developments in cannabis markets around the world

Get Tips for Your Cannabis Business

For new and aspiring business owners, the Cannabis 360 Conference can offer actionable takeaways for your business. Many of the speakers are co-founders or CEOs of their own cannabis businesses and are ready to share their experiences in the industry. 

For example, if you’re thinking about entering the psychedelic space, you’ll have the chance to hear about the opportunities that exist for prospective companies looking to join this exciting sector. You’ll learn about the different regulatory frameworks and licensing processes needed to start a psychedelic business, both in Canada and abroad. 

Other sections of the conference will offer practical business tips, including:

  • How to create a brand that resonates with consumers
  • Innovative marketing techniques 
  • Utilizing technology 
  • Empowering your budtenders through education 

Whether you’re new to the industry or an established business searching for growth, getting advice from professionals in cannabis careers is a great way to drive the success of your cannabis business.

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Receive expert advice for your cannabis business

Discover New Opportunities for Cannabis Careers 

Whatever area of the cannabis sector you’re interested in, the Cannabis 360 Conference has a host of speakers from different backgrounds ready to offer you specialized advice. Whether you’re working as a cultivator, manufacturer, retail operator, lawyer, investor, regulator, medical professional, scientist or researcher, we encourage you to attend for the chance to advance your career.  

Through each discussion, you’ll discover some of the biggest openings–and challenges–in the cannabis industry today. This information will help guide your career decisions and give you an idea of some of the emerging opportunities both now and in the future. While getting expert insights on a range of topics, you’ll have the opportunity to network with industry professionals. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, don’t forget to attend the Cannabis 360 Conference on September 29, 2022!

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