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Dissolution Testing: An Important Part of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products is an important task. After all, if a manufacturing mistake produces a batch that dissolves slower than normal, patients might accidentally take an extra dose, thinking that they need the added medication to receive the care they need. While these mistakes are rare, it’s still essential for pharmaceutical quality assurance professionals to test the rate at which drugs dissolve. How do quality assurance experts measure that rate to ensure batch consistency? With the help of dissolution testing. What is Dissolution Testing? Before we can define dissolution testing, we’ll need to look at a few.. READ MORE »

U.S. Pharma Lawsuit Threatens Canadian Drug Pricing System

If you’re considering a career in pharmaceutical science, you may be motivated by a desire to help others heal. You may see how central medications are to the health of members of your community, and understand how, worldwide, quality of life is closely tied to access to pharmaceuticals. Vulnerable members of your community need skilled professionals to connect them with the medications that help them live life to the fullest—and in many cases, simply to live. But what happens when the prices for pharmaceuticals put them beyond the reach of those who need them most? That’s the question facing today’s.. READ MORE »

Taking Pharma Courses? 4 Treatment Facts About Seasonal Cold and Flu

Winter has its good points: glistening white snow, the holidays, and evenings relaxing in front of a warm fire. However, one thing no-one enjoys is the coughing, sneezing, aches and pains that go hand in hand with this time of year. In fact, these symptoms are a clear indication that we are approaching the dreaded flu season! With so many of us affected by these viruses on a year basis, it’s no surprise that millions of dollars worth of research goes into trialling pharmaceutical products to relieve symptoms of colds and flu each year. Many pharmaceutical college graduates go on.. READ MORE »

Starting Pharmaceutical School? 5 Tips for Success

Find out how proper planning, organization, and more will prepare you for the most successful and productive pharmaceutical school year.

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