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AAPS College Announces New Medical Marijuana – Management, Quality and Laboratory Certificate Program

In just 16 weeks you could complete the medical marijuana training you need to begin your career in this growing sector. Read this blog to learn more.

Cannabinoids Explained for Students in Medical Marijuana Training

Recent years have seen a sharp upswing in the frequency of use of medical marijuana. With several potential benefits to patients who use it, and few of the harsher side effects that can occur with opiates and many synthetic drugs, medical marijuana is being positioned as a gentler, more natural approach to achieving health and comfort. Inside of marijuana are chemicals, called cannabinoids, that are responsible for the various benefits which can help users. Curious about what these chemicals are like, and what they do? Here’s a look at some of the main cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol Has Recreational & Medicinal Uses.. READ MORE »

3 Things Students in Medical Marijuana Training Need to Know About Labelling Cannabis

Medical marijuana is increasing in its importance in Canada, as it becomes a more and more common treatment option for people with a number of ailments and injuries. Though it’s often seen as a natural alternative to some of the synthetic compounds that are also commonly used in medicine, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t controls in place dictating how marijuana and marijuana-derived products should be packaged and sold. Labelling is a particularly important part of the process of creating and selling marijuana products, with producers expected to be very specific about how they present information about them. Want to.. READ MORE »

[New Webinar] Sanitation for Medical Marijuana

  Good Production Practices (Division 4 of the MMPR) mandates that Licensed Producers ensure the cleanliness of the premises and equipment. It is therefore extremely important to understand the fundamental principle of cleaning and sanitation procedures and to implement and use these procedures effectively. For this reason, AAPS has created an easily accessible webinar focused on Sanitation for Medical Marijuana. In this two-part webinar, Instructor Pirouz Yousefian will  concentrate on teaching three important aspects of an effective cleaning and sanitation program; Premise, Equipment and Personnel. Participants are given a thorough understanding of the importance of cleaning and sanitizing procedures and their.. READ MORE »

5 Illnesses That Can Be Relieved Using Marijuana For Medical Purposes

From relieving the pain of multiple sclerosis patients to helping control epileptic seizures, check out this blog to learn about some of the uses of marijuana for medical purposes.