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GMP Training: A Guide to Self-Audits in Pharma Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical product manufacturing industry has experienced an unprecedented upsurge in growth as of late. In Canada, total pharmaceutical sales have just about doubled between 2001 and 2013 to total sales of $22 billion in Canada alone. This trend is expected to continue and careers that require knowledge of good manufacturing practices (GMP) are expected to grow as well. GMP training teaches students about the purpose and requirements that are needed for the testing, manufacturing, and packaging of pharmaceutical products in Canada. One of the most important GMP practices is self-auditing. Read on to discover how self-auditing practices in pharmaceutical.. READ MORE »

Where Does GMP Training Come From? A Brief History of Pharmaceutical Regulation

Today, many of us take for granted that when we use a medication, we are certain that all of the contents inside the package are written out on its label. We know that our pharmaceuticals are safe and that they have been properly manufactured, tested, and labelled by dedicated professionals with GMP training. But what was life like before there were good manufacturing practises? Before strict regulations were in place and trained professionals knew how to properly test products for consistency and safety? Read on to learn what Canada’s pharmaceutical industry was like before regulation, and find out how important.. READ MORE »