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Sulfanilamide: A Cautionary Tale In Drug Safety For Those Pursuing Pharmacovigilance Certification

Sulfanilamide has long been widely recognized for its usefulness in anti-bacterial treatment medicine. As one of the earliest known antibiotics, Sulfanilamides, or Sulfa drugs as they are popularly called, were thought to produce impressive results in people without much trouble. And it would remain the popular sentiment until a public health incident with disastrous consequences took place in 1937.  This incident, discussed later in this blog, would spark a hot debate and mark a revolution in the drug safety subject. It has become central to discussions about drug safety in pharmacovigilance certification programs worldwide. And if you’re pursuing a career.. READ MORE »

Entry-Level Positions to Pursue After a Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Diploma Program

Pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry can be a rewarding and lucrative experience, especially if you have a passion for improving public health and patient safety. AAPS’ comprehensive and rigorous Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Post-Graduate Diploma Program can help introduce you to the exciting and challenging world of pharmacovigilance and prepare you for a fulfilling career in the field. Completing your pharmacovigilance diploma program opens up a world of possibilities for a career in the industry. There are numerous entry-level positions to consider, each offering the opportunity to build your skills and advance within the industry. Three.. READ MORE »