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Want to Open A Cannabis Store? Business Management Tips

Venturing into cannabis store management is an exciting endeavour in a new, dynamic industry. Cannabis shares many characteristics with other industries, but it is also quite different—especially with regards to regulation, reporting, and compliance. There is plenty to learn and do, leading to what can be a very fulfilling and challenging career. Since the field is relatively young and constantly changing, having a sure footing when you begin managing a store is important. The cannabis industry will become more competitive as it grows, so be prepared. Read on for some business management tips that can come in handy in this.. READ MORE »

Understanding How to Read Product Labels If You Want to Become a Cannabis Distributor

Canadian cannabis labels are extensive and contain a lot of information. This is a good thing, as they contain a lot of important information about the product. In addition to standard warnings regarding THC and keeping products away from youth and children, labels state THC and CBD levels, strain type, and more. Read on to orient yourself with cannabis labels. How to Read THC and CBD Levels when You Become a Cannabis Distributor Just as bottles of alcoholic beverages inform consumers of their alcohol percentage, cannabis consumers need to be able to see the THC and CBD content in their.. READ MORE »

A Quick Introduction to Cannabis Anatomy for Those Who Want to Become a Cannabis Distributor

Cannabis plants have beautiful features, with dramatic fan leaves and tiny crystals covering their buds. For anyone working with these plants, anatomy is a part of understanding quality, function, and how to determine the sex of the plant. Potent cannabis plants for consumption come from female plants. Male plants, which pollinate the females, are not consumed as cannabis products, but serve the purpose of breeding new strains. Hermaphrodite plants can emerge due to environmental stress, producing both male and female flowers. These plants need to be removed from the grow. Factors on stress include: Timing of pruning Lighting Irrigation Read.. READ MORE »