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Supply Chain Facts and What They Mean for AGCO Cannabis Careers

Supply chains can be categorized into upstream, midstream, and downstream components. Canada’s cannabis industry is made up of: Growers, cultivators, and producers (upstream) Distributors (midstream) Retailers (downstream) To protect consumers, the cannabis supply chain is carefully regulated at every stage, so those working within it need to be aware of stringent rules and standards. The supply chain for cannabis is made up of stages where the product is: Grown and cultivated Processed: trimmed, dried, cured, extracted Tested Distributed Sold These stages prepare product for consumption and when each step is carefully tended to, quality and safety is preserved. Read on.. READ MORE »

The Importance of a Preventative Control Plan for AGCO Cannabis

Studying to work in the cannabis industry provides you with guidance on regulations and rules around cannabis products. With the upcoming introduction of legal edibles and extracts to the Canadian cannabis market, some changes are necessary to include standards that keep consumers safe when ingesting products. The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) started on January 15, 2019. These regulations include licensing, preventive controls, traceability, and preventive control plans—they will also affect cannabis products. The focus of these new regulations is on preventing issues and getting unsafe product out of the marketplace faster. Read on for more about preventive control.. READ MORE »

Why Health Canada Licensing Changes Matter for AAPS Students

Keeping on top of regulatory changes related to cannabis is important if you want a career in the industry. If you enroll in our Cannabis Certificate program, you’ll learn about cannabis regulations related to both production and retail. Recently, Health Canada, which regulates cannabis producers, announced a major change to its approval process for cultivation licences. The changes could significantly impact the supply of cannabis available to cannabis stores. As a result, whether you’re considering a career in either the production or the retail side of the cannabis industry, the change is significant. What Changes Were Made Because of the.. READ MORE »