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Dear AAPS,

2017 was the year I entered Toronto as an immigrant from Nepal. It was a complete change in the culture, lifestyle and working environment in comparison to my previous experience. Although I came to Canada with my Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy, I didn’t have knowledge of how things work in Canada in the Pharmaceutical industry. I decided to bridge the gap with a Post-graduate diploma here in Toronto. Among number of colleges I reached out to, AAPS came to stand out of many. I didn’t have second thought after I visited AAPS for the first time. I enrolled in PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical QC/QA/RA course which i think was the best overall course to cover all the knowledge I wanted to gain. Today, I am proud that I made that decision.

After 8 months of study(still had 4 courses to complete), I got a co-op opportunity to work at Eurofins Experchem where I excelled. I was confident from day 1 because of all the knowledge I gained at AAPS. Finally, after 3 weeks of hard work into my co-op days(backed by knowledge base from AAPS) I was offered a full-time job which I gladly accepted. This was all possible because of AAPS and all the support provided by my mentors here who helped me to bridge the gap from the beginning when i was newcomer in Canada to the present time.

Thank you AAPS team for helping me succeed in my goal. Kudos to all my mentors as well as my classmates.

Yushma Shakya
Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control Graduate

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