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Dear AAPS,

You have been a corner stone in my life. You came in a time when I wanted to start a new chapter in my career but was too afraid and intimidated to do so. I needed a program that was trustworthy and flexible to accommodate my many responsibilities and AAPS was just the right fit. It was more than that. Its amazing staff gave me all the support and resources I needed, and I am very thankful for that.

What is AAPS without its staff? AAPS centers around your interaction there as a student. Here, you are above everything else- you are first priority. Here, you are not treated as a number nor a mean for profit. They interact with you as a student, as a human, and, at AAPS, as a friend. The one on one guidance you can receive at AAPS is unparallel. Their staff help and support you in everything: skills, knowledge, resume, job experience, public speaking, reasoning, and growth as a person.

I will hold your services dear to me and send the warmest and most sincere thanks to your staff. I thank Dr. Zsuzsanna Gesztsi, your support has had a tremendous positive impact on my journey in AAPS. You have been more than a teacher, a friend, and someone who I looked up to and knew I could always trust. To George Tabulov I would like to say thank you for all the knowledge and experience you gave us every Friday, you didn’t spare a single detail. Dr. John Eissenhoeffer, I gladly say that your hard work and support has splendidly paid off, your classes are invaluable. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I can say with certainty that I doubt I would meet such wonderful people as yourselves. You helped mold us and your efforts will be cherished. To Deborah Gordon and Steven Tanner, thank you for your help and support in making our resumes and job applications, your advice set me to the right path. A special thanks goes to you Deborah who believed in me wholeheartedly and gave me all the emotional support that anyone would ever need, you are such a cheerful butterfly in a wonderous world. To Alicia Ramdass, vital is too small of a word to describe your roll in helping me get my co-op position, your kindness is much appreciated. To Julia, Rebecca and the reception staff, my thanks extends to you warmly. Truly, AAPS is filled with the most wonderful type of people, those who always make the world seem cheerful. Once again, I thank you all.

Mrs. Laleh Bighash thanks would not be due if none of it was sent to you. I would not forget how when I first joined AAPS and was upset, you were patient and understanding and supported me to the fullest. For that I give you special thanks.

My experience here gave me a confidence boost that makes one feel unbreakable. The skills I learned at AAPS landed me a position at Pharma Medica Research Inc. and with such background. I know that I can compete anywhere across Canada and be steadfast, reassured in the confidence that comes from knowing that AAPS has supplied me with everything that I need. That is the kind of person you become after AAPS.

Thank you AAPS, you are now a happy chapter in my life that I look back at with fonding.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Salwa Fathi Benshatwan
Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Graduate

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