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Is there any words stronger than “THANK YOU” that I can use to express my deepest gratitude to the staff of AAPS? This is what I feel towards each and every one of you, and that before my graduation I found my dream job.

It was your enormous help to not only give me the skills I needed but often the one on one guidance which made me feel like I was the only student in the class and college.

It was your efforts to prepare my resume, provide me mock interviews according to my target industry; it was your effort to connect me to the employer. Everything was done by YOU GUYS, and now today I have landed the job I wanted, that I had once longed and hoped for, working as a QA consultant for Olli Brands Inc. (cannabis)

It was simply following your sincere efforts and from your excellent professional experience and attitude to gain my trust as a student. Providing me the environment to express freely all my insecurities about my, at first, lack of knowledge of my chosen field – this was totally new to me in every direction and you provided me the confidence I have now, through giving me the skills I needed.

Warmest regards,

Iren Haxhi
Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control Graduate

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