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r_parihaar_frHi Steven and everyone at AAPS,

I am happy to announce that following graduation (QC/QA) I have just started working in Mississauga as a Mining Chemist with Agat Laboratories, Mississauga. The work is good and I enjoy it. This job was posted on AAPS’s ‘Who’s Hiring?’/Indeed and I applied on a Friday and was called for an interview the following Monday and then the following week I was called in to sign the papers. The nicest aspect of this job is that it is metallurgical analysis which I had done in my previous job. It also means standing on my feet for 8 hours and I work with equipment that I worked previously with such as ICP-OES, ICP-MS, Atomic Absorption (Acetylene Flame), carbon/sulfur/nitrogen analysers and extraction equipment for heavy and precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum along with nickel chromium and selenium.

Once again I want to thank you immensely for all your efforts in improvising my resume with the necessary tweaks that caught the attention of Agat Labs; I will miss you, the AAPS members and the ‘joie de vivre’ you emanate at AAPS.

Juliet Abraham, Graduate.

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