Seed-to-Sale Software for Students in Cannabis Retailer Training

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If you are looking to work in the industry, you may already know that cannabis goes through a journey before arriving on shelves. The proper handling and processing of cannabis is important to both consumers and retailers. Seed-to-sale software monitors and tracks cannabis throughout its entire production chain, quite literally from seed to sale. This ensures:

  • Quality
  • Compliance
  • Regulation

The software can track various aspects of the production chain, from strain analyses to origin. Precise measurements are also made easier with this tracking, as it can incorporate scales for weighing. When studying at AAPS, you can benefit from our partnership with Ample Organics, the leading seed-to-sale platform in Canada. Certification with this software not only looks great on your resume, but also equips you with the skills needed to use the most popular seed-to-sale software in the country. Read on for a little more about seed-to-sale software and how it can be used both now and in the future.

Benefits to the Business: Inventory and POS Management

Inventory through seed-to-sale software can be an easy way to manage stock. Many seed-to-sale programs are not only equipped with compliance measures, but also have business features for retailers. Point-of-sale, or POS, capabilities are also a common feature in seed-to-sale systems. This:

  • Makes bookkeeping and cost measuring easier
  • Puts more data in one place

For example, Ample Organics can integrate wireless scanner guns with workflow prompts, tracking and updating records instantly. Inventory of bulk items is also easier to control with this software. In fact, it can help improve efficiency, accuracy, and employee management. When this is combined with the software’s ability to monitor quality and compliance, your location can better serve your customers.

Transparency for Consumers: A Future of Accessibility

The future of seed-to-sale holds potential for transparency, both for professionals and for their customers. If consumers are able to understand where their products come from and the way that they’ve been handled, they are likely to feel better about their purchases and choices.

If you want to apply for a cannabis licence, it’s a great idea to get familiar with ways you can empower your customers. There is the possibility for consumers to have access to tracking and data of cannabis products, letting them make more informed decisions with the products they want to consume and support. Complete plant tracking with an all-digital barcode system is a key feature of Ample Organics’ platform.

If customers can access information, they can make more informed decisions about what they consume

If customers can access information, they can make more informed decisions about what they consume

Professionals with Cannabis Retailer Training Can Use It to Follow Regulations

You will learn about various regulations that apply to cannabis in cannabis retailer training. These include rules that fall under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This covers:

  • Import and use of cannabis plants
  • Production of cannabis plants
  • Regulations on industrial hemp, cannabis products, and by-products
  • Disposal of unused parts of the plant

Despite what one may assume at first, the Safe Food for Canadians Act doesn’t apply to edible cannabis products. Rather, it applies to plants, seeds, and livestock feed. Edibles are governed under the Cannabis Act and its regulations.

Seed-to-sale software enables cannabis to be tracked with regards to these regulations, and can be used to ensure that the rules are applied.

Compliance is important to run a cannabis business with integrity

Compliance is important to run a cannabis business with integrity

Using Seed-to-Sale as ERP after a Cannabis Retailer Certification

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, could potentially be done through seed-to-sale software. ERP software aims to manage various activities of a business to enable planning. One of these aspects in particular, supply chain operations, can be monitored using seed-to-sale software.

The ability to collect extensive, accurate data can help a cannabis business to:

  • Operate with integrity and transparency
  • Maintain quality
  • Monitor supply and demand
  • Budget effectively

For instance, with Ample Organics, digital workflows can be built to scale with facilities using harvest information such as quantities, yield weight, and waste reduction. A comprehensive client database including communication logs and profiles can also be used to inform business decisions. Considering seed-to-sale software as a way to plan and grow is an additional benefit that could help you increase and manage sales.

Seed to sale software could be a planning tool for your cannabis retail location

Seed to sale software could be a planning tool for your cannabis retail location

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