Quality Control in Cannabis Production: A Guide For Those Seeking Cannabis Careers

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Much like other medicinal or recreational drugs on the market, cannabis needs to be tested for safety and quality standards before being sold to consumers. This is what is referred to as quality control. Cannabis production facilities need to verify that the end product is labelled with the correct potency and provides the intended effect to consumers before being distributed to retailers. 

With consumer demand on the rise across Canada, the need for efficient and accurate quality control measures is more important than ever. Students in the cannabis program at AAPS will develop the knowledge to implement quality control practices in cannabis production facilities and testing laboratories. Below, learn how you can meet the standards of quality control in the burgeoning industry. 

Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are written guidelines that dictate the development of cannabis products. Cannabis products must be produced, packaged, labelled, distributed and tested in accordance with SOPs. These written guidelines must keep in mind quality and compliance regulations surrounding the cannabis industry. 

SOPs should cover all the key elements of cannabis production, including:

  • Processing of the cannabis e.g. cloning, harvesting, extracting of the plant
  • Sampling and testing of the product
  • Storage of the product
  • Sanitation of the building, equipment and employees
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SOPs should keep in mind cannabis compliance regulations

Developing a set of comprehensive SOPs and following these procedures closely is the best way to ensure that each stage of operations is carried out with quality standards in mind. Those completing the cannabis course at AAPS will cover SOP writing and development along with good record-keeping practices. Professionals should keep in mind the requirements set forth by Health Canada for the production and distribution of cannabis products before designing SOPs. 

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Students in our cannabis course will learn the fundamentals of SOP writing and development

Monitor Production Facilities During Cannabis Careers

A well-run cannabis production facility is key to developing a high-quality product that meets consumer expectations. The production facilities and equipment should be maintained according to SOPs with an effective cleaning and sanitation program in place. 

Students training for cannabis careers will learn about the importance of plant sanitation practices, with an emphasis placed on:

  • Premise
  • Work surfaces
  • Equipment 
  • Personnel 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Clean room protocols
  • Sanitation logs and procedures 

Regular maintenance should also be carried out on buildings when needed. In particular, facilities and equipment should be designed and maintained in a way that allows quality control practices to be carried out. 

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Good sanitation practices are key to quality control in cannabis production facilities

Cannabis Testing is Essential for Quality Control

Testing is a critical part of cannabis production. All cannabis-based products need to undergo rigorous tests to verify the content, potency and quality of the drug to ensure consumer safety. Many businesses will rely on independent testing labs to help them meet quality control requirements. Many cannabis products across North America now have to undergo testing for substances, such as: 

  • Pesticides
  • Microbials 
  • Residual solvents
  • Mycotoxins 
  • Heavy metals

As a graduate of our cannabis program, you can work to verify the quality of cannabis products as a trained professional in cannabis testing laboratories, extraction laboratories, production facilities, edible processing facilities and more.

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