New Workshop: Eating for Energy, Productivity and Stress Reduction



Date: January 21, 2016 | Time: 6 pm – 7 pm
Location: AAPS Training Center
Speaker : Ara Wiseman

About the Workshop

Food affects our mood, energy levels, stress response, concentration, cravings and emotions. You can control your level of mental performance or relaxation by choosing the right combination of foods. A nutritional deficiency creates stress. Nutrient deficiencies put a strain on all of the body’s metabolic processes dependent on that nutrient.

Understand how stress is implicated in every symptom we experience and how it affects your thoughts and feelings along with your health.
In this presentation you will learn nutritional strategies to:

• Develop mental alertness
• Manage energy not time
• Prevent mood fluctuations
• Decrease the effects of stress and aging
• Improve memory and manage stress

About Ara Wiseman

Ara Wiseman is a leading nutritional expert, author, teacher, lecturer and chocolatier. Her thriving private practice is primarily focused on nutrition counseling for hormonal imbalances, addictions, weight loss & gain, cancer and heart disease. Ara has written four books; Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul, Skin Deep-How to Diminish Cellulite, The Healing Option and A Smoother You.

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