Job Search Success Tips to Use After Pharmacovigilance Training

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Training to contribute to the safe development of pharmaceuticals is a great decision for professionals who want a stable, meaningful career. Even so, after graduation, students can sometimes feel nervous about the job search. The need to put together a good resume, narrow down opportunities, and ace the interview with a future employer can all seem intimidating to students who are just beginning their careers. However, there are many reasons not to worry. Top colleges help their students prepare for and navigate this important process.

How can you approach your job search as smoothly as possible? Here are some of the steps we recommend to graduates of pharmacovigilance training.

To Attract Attention, Keep Your Resume Simple and to the Point

A high-quality pharmacovigilance education entails learning technical terminology used in the workplace, and it’s important to be able to use and understand that language in the context of a future career. When writing a resume, however, you don’t want to go overboard by writing too technically.

The goal should be to write accurately, and list skills you have according to their correct names, but to otherwise keep your language simple so that anyone can understand it. Human resources professionals who might be reviewing your resume will likely know some of the key words and phrases to look for, but won’t have the kind of technical training necessary for understanding a densely written resume. For this reason, keep things short and readable to give yourself a much better shot at being called for an interview.

Get a Mentor During or After Your Pharmacovigilance Training

There’s always more to learn, especially in an industry as big and innovative as the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why, if you want to give yourself the best chance of developing into the kind of professional that employers just can’t resist, it’s a good idea to get a personal mentor either during or after your pharmacovigilance training.

Mentorship offers you the chance to learn all about the pharmaceutical industry from the perspective of someone with years of professional experience, someone who can help you discover more about your skills—and yourself—than you might find out otherwise. It’s a great way to make industry connections and to get an extra voice of encouragement to help you establish your career.

Not sure how you would find a mentor? Established schools like AAPS offer students and alumni access to a mentorship program, providing easy access to this amazing opportunity. If you want an advantage in your job search that many only dream of having, this is something to look for when choosing a training program.

A mentor can help you learn more about the industry and gain confidence for your job search

A mentor can help you learn more about the industry and gain confidence for your job search

Highlight the Experience You Gained at Pharmacovigilance School

Employers want new graduates to have work experience, which is an understandably difficult thing to acquire while you’re studying. The best pharmacovigilance certificate and diploma programs, though, will offer both hands-on training and assistance in securing work placements, and these both count as genuine experience. Don’t be shy about highlighting them!

You’ll learn everything from good manufacturing practices to data management and beyond through your education, and hands-on training exercises and work placements will be perfect opportunities to put it all into practice. Being able to show that you not only understand the wide range of concepts that are needed in the industry, but that you also have relevant experience, too, is just what employers want to hear. You can expect to have a significant advantage in your job search if you choose a program that lets you get hands-on.

Do you want to get the kind of pharmaceutical training employers look for?

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