Is Nano CBD the Future? A Closer Look For Students Considering Cannabis Training

In recent years, CBD and its modern uses have been at the forefront of discussions in the cannabis industry. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and has been attributed with numerous medical benefits. As a result, the cannabis industry has faced rapid expansion, with consumers embracing new methods of consumption. 

Nanotechnology brings the latest developments to the field as the next best method for efficiently taking and handling CBD products. The process works by compacting CBD into smaller, concentrated particles, packaged into a capsule. The accessibility, potency, and efficiency of nano CBD is quickly shaping the future of the cannabis industry. Let’s take a closer look at the uses and benefits of nano CBD and what we can expect from the future. 

What Is Nano CBD?

Nanotechnology has been widely used in medicinal and beauty products, and now in organic compounds such as CBD. Nano CBD refers to a process of nano-encapsulation. Essentially, it involves coating one substance on another at a molecular scale. In terms of CBD, this means breaking the cannabis down into tiny particles and coating them in a substance that is more easily absorbed by the body. 

Nanotechnology involves breaking down substances into tiny particles

Smaller molecules are generally absorbed better into the body, while the capsule sustains them through the digestive system. Professionals in cannabis industry careers may be interested in nano-encapsulation as a way of increasing the efficiency and practicality of CBD use.

The Benefits of Nano CBD 

The main benefit of nano CBD is the increase in bioavailability. The bioavailability of a substance refers to the amount and speed at which it enters the bloodstream to produce an active effect. 

Professionals in cannabis industry careers should note the increased efficiency of nano CBD

As those in cannabis training may know, the method of cannabis consumption plays a huge role in its bioavailability. Nano-encapsulated molecules are around 50% to 90% more bioavailable than the original compound. The benefits of nano CBD include: 

  • 90% more bioavailability: more of the product is absorbed into the body
  • Faster effects: smaller particles of CBD can bypass the liver and enter the bloodstream directly for more immediate effects
  • Up to 6 times more powerful: consumers may not need as high a dose as traditional forms

In that sense, nano CBD offers a new and improved method of cannabis consumption that factors in speed, power, and efficiency. 

The Future of Nano CBD for Those in Cannabis Industry Careers

Given the low bioavailability rates of oral consumption and the negative effects of vapourization on the lungs, consumers are looking for a new middle ground method. Nanotechnology offers a way for consumers to reap all the benefits of CBD from a much smaller quantity. 

Nano CBD offers cannabis users an alternative method of consumption

Given that nano CBD is absorbed before it has a chance to be metabolized by the liver, nanotechnology poses advantages from both a biological and biochemical perspective. While customers are turning to nano CBD for a cost-effective alternative, industry professionals are finding new opportunities to create other products infused with nano CBD. As the cannabis industry continues to expand, nano CBD poses progressive avenues in terms of both consumption and production. 

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