Industry Spotlight: Isaac Maurice, Eastern Canada Sales Representative at Green Planet

As the Canadian cannabis industry continues to grow, we’re spotlighting industry experts who are making it happen. First up: Isaac Maurice, Eastern Canada Sales Representative for
Green Planet. Since starting his career at a local hydroponic shop, Isaac has been building his cannabis career on good relationships and great customer service. We caught up with him to learn more about his journey from plant enthusiast to cannabis sales professional. 

How did you first get interested in the cannabis industry?

Since I was young, I have always been interested in plants and how things grow. My grandfather and father always had a vegetable garden over summer. I first got involved directly with the cannabis industry when I started volunteering and eventually working at a local hydroponic shop, now named Garden 365.

What steps did you take to turn that interest into a career?

After university, when I had finished my business degree and “had to pick a career”. At the time, I was actually studying for financial registration courses and exams, when I joined Green Planet.

What challenges have you faced throughout your career and how did you overcome them?

I deal with a lot of the first hand problems with growers, individuals and customers. Being able to work back, problem solve, and have good customer service is very important in this industry. It’s all about the relationships you build with the growers and customers to generate trust.

What advice would give to someone who wants a career in cannabis?

Learn as much as you can about this plant. If you are able to, grow your four plants.

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