Food Safety & Quality Program Coordinator Pirouz Yousefian on working at AAPS

Program Coordinator Pirouz Yousefian tells us about his experience as a faculty member at AAPS and reveals the special qualities that make AAPS a valuable and encouraging environment for students.

pirouzPirouz has been an active member of AAPS’ faculty since 2009. “I enjoy teaching at AAPS because of the three thematic structures Collegial Responsibilities, Collegial Relationships, and Institutional Support,” he says.

“There are a lot of new services that help students become successful. AAPS is listening to and meeting the needs of the industries at every level. AAPS is truly becoming a career college.”

These new services include AAPS’ diverse co-op placements, unique mentorship programs and career counselling workshops.

“One of the reasons I love AAPS is the diverse and interesting students I get to teach. My coworkers and I share ideas about what works in the classroom, and we encourage each other. When one of us needs help, we all get together. I enjoy teaching, so coming to work is a joy. I enjoy working with other faculty and staff. It is like a family here; we support each other. There is so much satisfaction in passing on my knowledge to others, to give them a chance at a better life.”

This passion has helped students gain meaningful industry experience in Ontario and helped prepare students for successful careers.  “My achievements would never happen without the knowledge and experience I gained at AAPS,” says his former student, Food Safety and Quality graduate Victoria G.  She praises Pirouz for his constant support and encouragement, not only during her studies but through her post-graduate pursuit for employment as well.

“Each semester, I start my class with “I’m happy to be here.” I believe that every student deserves to have an instructor that is well-prepared, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their job. I hope I help them become what they are capable of becoming.”

It is no surprise that AAPS students fair very well with high success rates both in program completion and employment, “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at AAPS, and would certainly recommend the institution to all those with admiration for quality.”

Mr. Pirouz Yousefian, M.Sc.
Program Coordinator,
Food Safety and Quality


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