Eager to Become a Cannabis Retailer? Learn How to Improve Operations at the Cannabis 360 Conference

Cannabis retail is seeing huge advancements across Canada and the world. For cannabis business owners, there’s no better time to tap into a profitable market. The success of a cannabis retail business is dependent upon a number of factors, including compliance with industry regulations, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.  The right knowledge and resources can empower prospective cannabis retailers to build the success of their business in a nascent market. 

The Cannabis 360 conference is an occasion to learn from industry professionals about the key to mastering a cannabis retail business. A panel of speakers will discuss the stages of cannabis retail in the context of the trends and regulations currently impacting the cannabis industry. Read on to discover what you can learn from our upcoming conference!

Streamlining Store Operations

Owning and operating a cannabis store requires a clear understanding of all aspects of the retail operation, including its production chain. For any business, having a set of instructions on how the store should operate is incredibly important to providing an efficient and quality service. 

To become a cannabis retailer, you need to navigate a highly nuanced industry with a myriad of rules and guidelines. A set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), written and distributed among all relevant employees, is a valuable tool for ensuring that all aspects of the retail business are conducted as they should be. Other in-store systems can be used to:

  • Manage and control expenses
  • Stay up to date with inventory data 
  • Provide sales reports
  • Identify opportunities for growth or decreasing operational cuts

At the Cannabis 360 conference, industry professionals will cover the best methods for achieving operational excellence in cannabis retail. Students interested in a career in this sector can benefit from the insights of dispensary owners on launching and operating a cannabis retail store.

Develop in-store systems and SOPs to improve your cannabis business

The Importance of Cannabis Retail Compliance

Businesses in the cannabis industry must comply with a number of strict regulations around store operations and product promotion. Licensed cannabis businesses must bear these in mind and know how to navigate various guidelines to maintain a legal operation. In other words, cannabis retail compliance can mean the difference between a successful and failed business. Students in a cannabis course will develop a comprehensive understanding of compliance requirements at all stages of the production and distribution of cannabis, including quality assurance principles and safety procedures.

Pay attention to compliance laws and regulations when you become a cannabis retailer

The Cannabis 360 conference is a chance to build on that knowledge, with segments covering the need for preventive control plans, the case of HACCP, contamination concerns, and remediation methods. Cannabis retail offers numerous opportunities right now, and knowledge of industry compliance is a prerequisite for any successful business venture within that space.

Improving Customer Experience

The success of any cannabis retail business is heavily dependent upon customer engagement. A cannabis store is not only a space for customers to make purchases, but also to feel informed on their choices and satisfied with their buying experience. By turning your focus to the customer, your cannabis store can improve profits while building a return clientele base. Offering promotions, expanding your online presence, and providing delivery services are just a few of the ways you can improve customer experience in your business. 

Learn more on cannabis retail from our expert panellists at Conference 360

Students in a cannabis program will learn innovative retail strategies related to community engagement, customer care, and store operations to improve a business’ outreach. Emphasis is placed on:

  • Branding and marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Store design and layout
  • Staff training and development 

After learning from the firsthand experience of retail owners at the Cannabis 360 conference, students will gain a clearer perspective of the current cannabis retail landscape and the best strategies to succeed in it. 

Are you considering cannabis retailer training, and interested in expanding your knowledge of the cannabis industry?

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