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We’ve talked a lot about what’s going on in the pharmaceutical industry, in Canada and in the world, but now we’re going to take it back to you, and look at some of the tips that will help you launch and grow your pharmaceutical career.

Defining Your Goal– While it’s possible to launch a career with no clear direction plan; you’ll spend your time and effort more efficiently if you have an idea where to go. At AAPS, we pride ourselves on our industry experience, so our faculty can help you get started. But, asides from that, you need to think in terms of long-term goals. Are you more clinical research oriented, or do you see yourself switching from the lab into management as your work history matures?

Finding the Skills You Need– Whether you are intending to go to the research lab or take your knowledge into pharmaceutical sales, pharmaceutical courses were an obvious first step. What you still need to decide is which courses actually will meet your goals. AAPS structures our courses according to what is in demand, with must-have skills like HPLC training. However you can also look into the job requirements for the favours positions you’d like to get before graduation for a more targeted approach.

Let the Pharmaceutical Job Search Begin

Finding Where To Apply– Thankfully, in Canada and abroad, jobs in the STEM (science technology engineering and medicine) fields have a growing demand. But, rather than just looking for want ads, take your search one step further and look at the pharmaceutical companies you want to work for. As a skilled professional you can afford to be picky. Look for companies whose values and habits match the life you want, or whose research is into things you are interested in. Some of the companies have been rated among the top employers in Canada.

Networking– You have probably been told to network before, but making practical use about this advice is again, all about doing your homework. Networking is not about pretending to make friends, it’s about having the courage to ask people for their honest advice.  When you are trying to network there’s two things in mind- ask the person for their advice about your goals, and ask them who they think is the best person to talk to next, for more advice.
These tips are hardly exhaustive, but they’re a first step for getting where you want to go.

What are your favourite pharmaceutical industry career building tips?


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