Discover Career Paths You Can Take With Clinical Research Training

Within the highly regulated and ever-important field of Clinical Research, there are a variety of roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled. Skilled professionals are needed in order to ensure compliance with legislation and regulatory agencies, enforce standard operating procedures, create clinical development plans, maintain accurate data and monitor confidentiality and protection of participants’ rights. 

The work of professionals in the clinical research field contributes to the safe and effective development, distribution and consumption of drugs or treatments. As a result, those with training in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance are in high demand. When you complete a training program with AAPS, you’ll be prepared to pursue a number of different career opportunities in the realm of Clinical Research. Discover a few possible options below.

Pursue a Career as a Clinical Research Coordinator

If you’re ready to get involved in the hands-on aspects of the clinical trial process, a career as a Clinical Research Coordinator could be right for you. Clinical Research Coordinators work under the direction of clinical research managers, performing different tasks to contribute to the effective operation of clinical trials. After completing your clinical research training, your responsibilities as a Clinical Research Coordinator may include:

  • Providing questionnaires to prospective participants
  • Checking in with participants to ensure compliance with the rules of the trial
  • Recording details of study for regulatory bodies to reference
  • Collecting research data
  • Stocking and maintaining research supplies and equipment
  • Reaching out to participants regarding potential questions or concerns

After clinical research training, consider becoming a Clinical Research Coordinator

After Clinical Research Training, Consider Becoming a Pharmacovigilance Officer

For Pharmacovigilance Officers, safety is the number one priority. Pharmacovigilance Officers have a critical role within the clinical research and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring that all side effects and adverse effects of drugs and treatments currently on the market are identified and monitored. As a Pharmacovigilance Officer, your responsibilities include:

  • Conducting interviews with patients who use a certain treatment or drug
  • Compile reports on the side effects and adverse effects of drugs
  • Perform audits to determine the safety
  • Alert pharmacovigilance departments of warning signs and problems

As a pharmacovigilance officer, you’ll monitor drug safety

A Clinical Quality Assurance Career Could Be Right for You

Quality assurance is an essential component of clinical research. As a Clinical Quality Assurance Officer, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the procedures and processes involved throughout the clinical trial are conducted according to regulations. You’ll not only be monitoring compliance, but you’ll also be working with other professionals and staff involved in the clinical trial process, evaluating their performance with regard to quality. Clinical Quality Assurance Officers are skilled in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of provincial, federal and international standards for regulatory compliance

Consider a career in clinical quality assurance if you’re a strong leader

If you’re interested in maintaining quality assurance, consider this career path after earning your clinical research diploma

Explore Careers in Clinical Data Management

Do you love analyzing and organizing data? After completing your clinical research training, you might consider becoming a Clinical Data Manager. Clinical Data Managers work in a number of different environments where medical research projects take place, including pharmaceutical companies, research universities, government agencies, hospitals and more. Their duties include working closely with research teams in order to:

  • Compile data gathered during a clinical trial
  • Conduct statistical comparisons and analyses
  • Present data in reports
  • Create data charts

If you’re passionate about working with data and are highly analytical, this dynamic career path within the clinical research field could be right for you.

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