Cannabis Careers Are in Demand! A Look at Growth in Canada’s Cannabis Industry

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No longer a brand new market, the Cannabis industry in Canada is beginning to mature with each year and the need for cannabis in many forms continues to rise. While this growth can be contributed to increased demand, the need for excellence is equally as important. As new players enter the market, and as technology continues to advance, quality and creativity are skyrocketing in the Cannabis world.

From teas and other drinks to gummies and pre-rolls, the strict regulations and compliance standards of the industry demand the highest quality products. The growth seen in the Canadian market has seen a competitive advantage over the U.S.,, prompting the United States House of Representatives to pass the MORE Act

With industry growth continuing throughout Canada, cannabis careers are a great direction to go in when choosing a program from the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences. Keep reading to learn how the market success can help new cannabis professionals advance their positions.

Factors Contributing to Recent Growth in the Cannabis Industry

Growth can also be attributed to the increase in demand specifically for vape and edible products. Sales of edibles, vapes, and cannabis drinks have dwarfed sales of dried flower products across the market, as reported by Bloomberg.  

Continued growth outside of product offerings includes improvements in:

  • Commercial Strategy
  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Warehouse and Retail Operations
  • Production Processes
  • Infrastructure

As revenue continues to support growth, companies are able to invest time and resources into improve these aspects of their businesses. 

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Many improvements to procedures and operations are now becoming industry standard

Opportunity for Cannabis Careers With Market Growth 

While the cannabis market value doubled from 2019 to 2020, it is expected to level off at some point. However, reports expect another doubling within the next 5 years, indicating that this levelling off isn’t happening anytime soon. 

One aspect of the market that is helping to drive this growth  is the creation of craft segments throughout the industry. Niche products and retailers are popping up around the country, selling even more creative products and establishing a following.

This consumer interest creates a strong reputation for the craft retailers, which results in larger companies adopting similar practices or acquiring the smaller businesses. Those in cannabis careers saw this happen when edibles first hit the market, and are now seeing the same trend with drinks, CBD body-care products, as well as stronger, more potent strains.

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Niche products such as edibles and drinks have helped cannabis careers expand with market growth

How Graduates Can Take Advantage of This Growth

Graduates entering the market from a cannabis program have many opportunities with recent and future industry growth. With the qualifications to enter roles in cannabis production facilities, cannabis testing laboratories, medical cannabis clinics, cannabis retail stores and more, graduates from AAPS can find a career path that truly suits their passions.

Anyone completing our cannabis industry training can expect to gain experience with standard operating procedures, conducting analytical testing for THC and CBD, owning and operating a cannabis retail store, utilizing seed-to-sale tracking software, understanding the pharmacological mechanisms of cannabis and more.

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Experiential learning helps AAPS graduates succeed in the field

Taking experiential learning from AAPS into a growing field can help you secure a position while feeling confident with the job requirements. And with plenty of work environments and roles to choose from, you can expect to find the perfect role for your career goals. 

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