Advising Customers on Storing Cannabis After Cannabis Industry Training

Cannabis Industry Training
As a professional having received in-depth training, there are many different sectors within the cannabis industry in which you can find a career. For many who receive certification, their career brings them to a
cannabis retail store. Within this setting, it’s possible that customers or clients will inquire on proper cannabis storing methods.

As an industry professional, you should be aware that cannabis products need to be kept in certain conditions, both for safety and preservation. There are established ways of storing a cannabis product to ensure it is safe from children and pets, and that help it last longer and avoid environmental contamination. Read on for how to advise customers on proper storage methods. 

With Cannabis Industry Training, Advise Customers on Labelling 

The label is an important aspect of any cannabis product. All legal cannabis products registered under the Canadian government will always have a clearly defined label. Labels are important for several reasons: 

  • They contain the name of the product 
  • They contain the active THC and CBD content
  • They contain the total THC and CBD content 
  • They contain a safety warning 
cannabis retail certification

Cannabis products should be stored so that their label is always clearly visible

These labels are important for identifying cannabis products. The label on any product should always be kept clearly visible. Consumers should be advised to avoid defacing, removing, or writing over a cannabis product label. If a consumer is creating their own edible cannabis products using cannabis oils, they should be advised to create a clear label for the product. 

Using Child-Safe Containers as a Safety Precaution 

Industry professionals with cannabis retail certification should be aware that all legal cannabis products will be packaged in a way that renders them child-resistant. For example, dropper bottles will have a child-resistant seal. 

This packaging is important because cannabis products can be harmful to children and should always be kept inaccessible to them. Customers should be advised that when storing cannabis products, to always ensure it is in a child-proof place. 

cannabis retail compliance

Cannabis products should be stored in a way that keeps them safe from children

Cannabis products should be stored: 

  • In a place that isn’t easily visible 
  • In a place that isn’t accessible to children or pets
  • In tamper-proof and child-proof packaging
  • In a way that is appropriately re-sealed 

For a further level of security, customers can consider investing in a lockbox that will ensure that their cannabis products are kept away from those that may be endangered. 

Storing Cannabis Products Effectively 

Beyond the issues of safety and security, there are ways that customers can store cannabis to help keep them well-preserved. A dried cannabis product can remain in a stable state for up to two years, but only if stored properly. 

cannabis industry training

Cannabis products should be stored in cool, dry, dark places

After cannabis industry training, you may be aware that there are several different caveats to keeping cannabis products stored in an acceptable way. 

  • Products should be kept away from direct light 
  • Products should be kept in airtight storage containers 
  • Products should be kept between 59 and 63 Relative Humidity 
  • Products should be kept away from heat 

If following the instructions above, cannabis products will be well-preserved. If not, consumers may face consequences: 

    • Harsh UV rays can burn up the cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis product, potentially rendering it less effective and/or providing it with a strange taste
  • Too much or too little oxygen can speed up degradation or cause mold or mildew
  • High moisture levels can also cause mold 
  • Too much dryness can degrade terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Too much heat can cause buds to dry out, evaporating terpenes

Do you want to learn more about these issues by becoming educated in cannabis retail compliance

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