AAPS Arrives in Mississauga: Discover Our School’s New Campus!

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Part of what makes AAPS such a cutting edge leader in education is that the college is always searching for new ways to innovate, incorporate industry changes, connect students with local employers, and stay at ahead of the curve. As a result, throughout its history, AAPS has grown an impressive reputation for excellence.

Building upon this legacy, a new and important addition is taking place. A new campus, located in the heart of Mississauga, will help offer even more opportunity to local students. Here’s a closer look at this important new development, and what new students can look forward to at this cutting-edge location.

Diverse Educational Options Await Students in Mississauga

Since the college’s founding in 2003, AAPS has strived to offer a range of targeted programs and courses that fully prepare students for roles within the larger pharmaceutical, medical, and nutritional spheres. The expansion of the college to the Mississauga area is a response to growing demand in recent years, with AAPS now expanding from its initial location in North York to encompass two fully equipped locations.

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AAPS offers a broad and sought-after range of professional training programs

Students who enroll at AAPS’ new Mississauga campus will be able to utilize brand new facilities to pursue top-quality programs in the pharmaceutical, food science, healthcare, cosmetics, and clinical research sectors, as well as potentially choosing to study medical marijuana quality assurance. Certificate and diploma programs, as well as condensed workshops, are available in a wide variety of fields. Whether students would like to work in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and GMP, nutrition, clinical research, or food technology, there are many options for them to choose from. The provision of this new facility, and the close links that the college enjoys with local employers, helps students establish thriving careers in the field of their choice.

New Campus: Ideally Located for Students in the GTA

Ensuring that individuals located across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have access to top-quality training is a top priority at AAPS. This mission helped inform the decision for AAPS to expand into Mississauga, which offers a convenient option for students nearby. Located just minutes from the 401 and 407 highways, AAPS’ Mississauga campus enjoys excellent public transport links, with nearby UP Express and VIA rail stations connecting the campus with Toronto’s downtown and beyond.

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Accessibility and convenience are at the heart of the decision to open a Mississauga campus

Earn Your Diploma at a State-of-the-Art Campus

AAPS’ commitment to its students focuses on providing them with job-ready skills that will allow them to step into their career with confidence. To ensure that graduates are properly equipped for the sector of their choice, students will be fully instructed and guided through the use of the latest equipment and industrial techniques—whether they are interested in studying clinical research, earning a food and nutrition diploma, or one of the many other options available. With instruction taking place in fully furnished laboratories, students graduate ready to thrive in a cutting-edge work environment.

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