A Quick Overview of Ontario’s Pharmaceutical Sector for Students in Quality Control Courses

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Ontario is often referred to as Canada’s economic powerhouse, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to its pharmaceutical presence. Numerous major producers and research companies—who represent major employers for local graduates—call Ontario home. In fact, whether you want to work at a small home-grown company or at the regional office of a major international player, there’s a good chance that your dream company could be located not too far away.

Are you interested in establishing a career in Ontario’s pharmaceutical sector? Here’s a quick snapshot of Ontario’s pharmaceutical industry, and what new graduates can expect.

Why Ontario Has a Large Pharmaceutical Sector

On the world stage, Canada is a pretty impressive pharmaceutical force. According to government figures, Canada is the 10th largest world market for pharmaceuticals, and takes up a solid 2.0 per cent share of the global market. And while many top hubs of innovation exist across the country, there’s no doubt that Ontario takes the cake, with as much as half of all pharmaceutical professionals living and working in the province.

According to provincial figures, the pharmaceutical industry in Ontario generates a stunning $25 billion in revenue. It has also lured in many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, which have set up operations and conducted clinical trials in the province. What makes Ontario so appealing to some of the world’s most innovative pharmaceutical companies? Part of it comes down to our location at the geographical heart of Canada. With good access to the US market, Ontario exports 73 per cent of all pharmaceutical goods manufactured in Canada.

In addition, many companies choose to set up shop in Ontario due to our highly trained talent pool. Pharmaceutical companies know that they can find many highly skilled graduates with a pharmaceutical quality assurance diploma. For students enrolled in colleges like AAPS, nestled in the heart of North York, this top reputation and the opportunities that come with it are an exciting prospect.

The GTA: Students in Quality Assurance Courses Know It’s a Major Pharma Hub

There are several regions in Ontario that are particular hotspots for the pharmaceutical industry, and the GTA is definitely one of them. In fact, Toronto has one of the highest concentrations of bio-medical companies, initiatives, and more on the planet. The Greater Toronto Area plays host to several major pharmaceutical campuses, including Sanofi Pasteur and Pfizer, which are both located in North York not far from AAPS.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Research Cluster

Another area that has become synonymous with pharmaceutical and life sciences innovation is the Kitchener-Waterloo area, which is home to another huge cluster of industry players. Everything from innovation-minded companies to academic institutions can be found there. For students of quality assurance in pharmaceutical production who want a career a little further away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto, the relative quiet offered by Kitchener and Waterloo can be another appealing option after graduation. For graduates of pharmaceutical programs in Ontario, one thing is clear: In Canada, there are few places with more opportunities than Ontario.

Do you want to build a career in this well-established sector?

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