5 Unique Careers to Consider After Cannabis Retailer Training

5 Unique Careers to Consider After Cannabis Retailer Training

Within the cannabis industry today, there’s no shortage of career paths that you can take. As this sector continues to experience growth in Canada and North America, the demand for qualified professionals is only increasing. What’s more, advancements in technology have only made the field more exciting to keep up with, with new products and procedures shaping the industry.

Whether you’re more interested in the science behind cannabis production or are ready to use your social skills to educate and negotiate in a cannabis retail business, you’ll be sure to find a position that you love. Once you complete a training program with AAPS, you’ll possess the skills in management, pharmacological mechanisms, compliance and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as extensive knowledge of cannabis products, qualifying you for a diverse range of opportunities. 

Below, discover five different careers in cannabis that you can choose to take after completing your training with our Cannabis – Management, Quality and Edibles Diploma program.

1. Cannabis Sales Associate Career Path

After completing your cannabis retailer training, one of the career paths you might consider is that of a Cannabis Sales Associate. Sales Associates support a cannabis business management team with conducting the store’s operations. Their duties include:

  • Providing quality customer service by educating customers about different cannabis products and guiding them in making a selection
  • Maintaining compliance with industry regulations by verifying customer documentation and purchase history
  • Greeting customers and ensuring a positive customer experience
  • Remaining knowledgeable about current trends within the cannabis industry

If you love helping customers and chatting about the cannabis industry, becoming a Sales Associate could be the perfect career path for you.

Cannabis Sales Associate

Consider becoming a cannabis sales associate after cannabis retailer training

2. Processing Technician

If you enjoy the behind-the-scenes aspects of working in cannabis, a career as a Processing Technician might be a great fit. Processing Technicians are responsible for the following processing tasks, including:

  • Cannabis harvesting
  • Cannabis drying
  • Cannabis trimming
  • Product packaging
Processing Technician

Processing technicians work behind the scenes in the cannabis industry

In order to be successful within this role, Processing Technicians are experts in ensuring that the right techniques are used in compliance with industry standards and regulations. Maintaining accuracy and compliance involves:

  • Product tracking
  • Measures to prevent cross-contamination
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Product security
  • Product movement procedures

If you’re interested in the hands-on aspects of cannabis harvesting, preparation and delivery, a career as a Processing Technician could be right for you.

Work directly with the cannabis product after harvesting

Processing technicians work directly with the cannabis product after harvesting

3. Brand Ambassador

If you’re extremely outgoing, passionate about developments within the cannabis industry and are interested in a role within a cannabis retail business, becoming a Brand Ambassador could be right for you. Brand Ambassadors have important roles surrounding the growth of cannabis businesses, including:

  • Promoting a brand’s new products when they’re launched in-store
  • Training staff on educating customers about new products
  • Building relationships with different cannabis retailers, purchasers and budtenders
  • Schedule visits to different stores to ensure brand awareness

Brand Ambassadors are how different cannabis brands build awareness about their products. If you love educating people and working in different locations, this role would be a great fit for you.

4. Cannabis Retail Business Manager

While you might not be able to land the job of a Cannabis Retail Business Manager right after your training, this is certainly a position you can work your way up to. Cannabis Retail Business Managers work to oversee the operations of cannabis retail stores, monitoring inventory, staff scheduling and management, compliance with regulations and more. These professionals possess a strong understanding of business strategy, enabling them to establish sales objectives, conduct bookkeeping and create goals for revenue. If you’re interested in cannabis but also passionate about business and finance, this could be a great career path for you.

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