3 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Get Your HPLC Certification

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High Performance Liquid Chromatography, otherwise known as HPLC, is a method used for separating the compounds in a substance in order to test, analyze, measure, and quantify them. HPLC is a highly accurate testing method, which is why it’s becoming extremely popular for testing—especially in the pharmaceutical industries.

If you’re considering enrolling in a professional training program but are unsure of which one to choose, you should consider HPLC training. There are plenty of reasons why there’s no better time than the present to enroll. The industry is booming, there are plenty of job options for new graduates, and salaries are good.

Want to learn more? Read on to find out why you should enroll in an HPLC program.

1. High Performance Liquid Chromatography Is in Demand

Many industries like the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries are starting to integrate and require HPLC testing methods. As a result, demand for professionals familiar with HPLC is booming around the world. Research and Markets estimated that the HPLC market was worth 3.23 billion USD in 2016 and will grow to about 4.13 billion by 2021.

Research and Markets also predicts that North America will experience the highest amount of industry growth out of anywhere in the world. With this rapid growth, a need for experienced and knowledgeable professionals with HPLC training is growing apparent. Therefore, graduates with top-notch HPLC certification will be in high demand over the next several years.

2. There Are Plenty of Career Opportunities for Graduates with HPLC Certification

Graduates of HPLC training can look forward to a variety of career opportunities. If you’re still unsure of the exact field you want to work in, an HPLC training program is a great choice because it can open the door to many exciting career options. You could work in the pharmaceutical, medical, health, cosmetic industries, and more! Did you know HPLC can be used by forensics teams to test blood from crime scenes? And that it’s also used to determine nutritional data? With an HPLC certificate, you can begin an exciting career in a field that interests you.

Many graduates of high performance liquid chromatography training go on to become pharmaceutical lab technicians. In this role you will likely be testing a variety of drugs in a laboratory setting. Another common career path graduates pursue is becoming a quality control and assurance analyst. Analysts use HPLC testing to ensure the safety and quality of drugs and products before and after they are on the market. Other job titles include medical manufacturing quality control manager, analytical chemist, and associate scientist, among many different options.

HPLC certification

There are many different career options for graduates of HPLC programs

3. Graduates of HPLC Certification Can Look Forward to Good Salaries

After completing a short and focussed HPLC program, students can not only start an interesting career, but they can also earn a great salary. Knowing how to perform accurate HPLC testing is a valuable skill. With growing demand for skilled workers, graduates can expect to earn a good salary after graduation.

For example, Payscale reports that the median salary for analytical chemists is $44,219, while the median salary for quality control analysts is $42,744. Depending on the company you work for, these salaries may be accompanied by flexible work arrangements, health benefits, and more. In addition, professionals working in these roles often report high levels of job satisfaction. If you want to enjoy great pay, good career prospects, and high job satisfaction, HPLC might just be your career calling.

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