2 Things to Know About Grinding Cannabis If You Want to Become a Cannabis Retailer

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Grinding cannabis prepares the product for even burning. When the particles are smaller and more uniform, the cannabis can be used in its entirety and won’t create a lopsided or uneven burn. This makes for a better experience as well as less waste.

There are a few techniques for grinding cannabis, but a popular approach is to use a grinder, which keeps the product contained and works to break down the pieces with less effort, thanks to sharp protrusions on the inside. In your career, though you won’t be grinding at a retail location, you should know the reasons behind grinding cannabis and different ways to do it. Read on to learn more.

Grinding Cannabis Is Important

Before cannabis is consumed through smoking or vapour, it’s important to break down the product into small, uniform particles. The reason that large, uneven particles won’t work as well are:

  • Having big, irregularly shaped pieces doesn’t encourage optimal airflow. When the cannabis is in small pieces, air can be drawn into a pipe, vapourizer, or other device easily and smoothly.
  • When all of the particles are roughly the same size, the cannabis will burn at an even rate. Sometimes, unevenness can cause the cannabis to burn more on one side, which is not only unpleasant but also wasteful, as not all of the product is burnt. Afterwards, the residual product has been in contact with the burnt parts, so it is too difficult to reuse.
  • Smoking a fine grind accesses terpenes and cannabinoids more easily, giving more potent effects.
Coffee is another product where grind matters, much like it does with cannabis

Coffee is another product where grind matters, much like it does with cannabis

What You Should Know about Grinders when You Become a Cannabis Retailer

With your cannabis retail certification, you may find that you speak to customers who have different understandings of how to prepare products. Some of this is due to preference, while some of it is conflicting information that is available to the public.

There are a few creative ways to grind cannabis. Some people use a mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder, while others will use their hands to break apart the cannabis with their fingers. While these are functional methods that some people may choose, they don’t work as well as a grinder.

A cannabis grinder is a piece of equipment that holds the product, grinding it with sharp teeth or blades inside. You should become aware of different grinder brands when you become a cannabis retailer. There are quite a few benefits to using a grinder:

  • A kief catcher is a lower compartment in the grinder that serves to catch kief, or cannabis crystals containing potent elements. This reserves the kief for adding to a pipe, or for recipes.
  • The upper chamber of a grinder contains teeth or blades, which break down the product. This then falls through holes to be collected in a middle area. This means that if there are sticky or tough parts that can’t be ground, they aren’t mixing in with the ground cannabis.
  • Grinders offer an approach with less mess and more even grinding. They are also a faster method than grinding by hand.
Grinders keep surfaces clean by containing the product as it is broken down

Grinders keep surfaces clean by containing the product as it is broken down

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