Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs – Food, Pharma and Cosmetics Diploma Program

Duration: 48 Weeks

This innovative program exposes students to real-world developments in the Food, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industry. QA/RA students gain a practical understanding of the quality systems such as GMP, HACCP, BRC and SQF as well as various regulatory strategies and submission process.

With faculty drawn from the industry, the networking opportunities are tremendous.  Each classroom experience coalesces the experiences of individuals from multiple aspects of the industry, including quality assurance and control, regulatory science, R&D, manufacturing and validation, product development, safety, sanitation, clinical research, medical affairs and pharmacovigilance, biotechnology and generic drugs, medical devices and combination products, and marketing and sales.

AAPS offers highly flexible and convenient scheduling options.  Students may start program every month and also can attend weeknight courses.

To register for In Class, contact us via telephone at 416-502-2277 or by email at info@aaps.ca


Diploma Program: Please directly contact AAPS for Registration and Payment.

Individual Certificate Courses: Please see below for online availability. The online courses are registered and paid for individually.

Diploma in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs – Food, Pharma, and Cosmetics
Code Course
FSQ001 Food Quality Assurance and Quality Control In Class Online
FSQ002 Food Plant Sanitation In Class Online
FSQ008 Food Safety (HACCP, GMPs, BRC, SQF) In Class Online
FSQ009 Food Regulations In Class Online
GMP1001 Good Manufacturing Practices Level I In Class Online
GMP2001 Good Manufacturing Practices Level II In Class Online
GMP3001 Good Manufacturing Practices Level III In Class Online
TWR3009 Technical Writing and Scientific Communication In Class Online
AUD3010 Introduction to Auditing Level I In Class Online
AUD4010 Advanced Auditing Level II In Class Online
MMR1001 Quality Assurance for Cannabis In Class Online
PRA1008 Introduction to Regulatory Affairs In Class Online
PRA2008/2011 Regulatory Submission and Pre Clinical-Drugs In Class Online
PRA2010 Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control In Class Online
PRA2012 Clinical – Drugs In Class Online
PRA2013 Regulatory Affairs for Generic Drugs In Class Online
PRA3001 Post Approval Activities and Compliance In Class Online
PRA3003 Regulatory Affairs Natural Health Products In Class Online
PRA3004 Regulatory Affairs for Biologics/Biotechnology Products In Class Online
PRA3005 Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices In Class Online
PRA3006 Labeling and Product Summaries In Class Online
PRA3008 Global Regulatory Strategies In Class Online