Nutrition, Health and Sport Diploma Program

Duration: 40 Weeks

This program is developed to provide students with an understanding of basic nutrition, planning healthy diets, and the role of food in the body, fitness, health, and disease. It also emphasizes the scientific fundamentals of nutrition and metabolism throughout the lifespan. AAPS’ Nutrition, Health and Sport program is designed to teach participants how to integrate and apply the effect of exercise and physical activity on health and chronic disease prevention as well as sports specific nutrition, optimizing performance and understanding the nutritional demands of sports. The food courses of this program are designed to help students develop a hands-on approach to food safety and quality, while allowing them the opportunity to earn food safety certification. The program integrates and applies knowledge within the areas of microbiology, food processing, quality assurance and food safety to preserve, process, package, and distribute foods that are healthy, high quality, and safe to eat. Additionally, the program is designed to be equally useful for entry level or ongoing career development in the food and beverage industry.

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Diploma Program: Please directly contact AAPS for Registration and Payment.

Individual Certificate Courses: Please see below for online availability. The online courses are registered and paid for individually.

Course Outline

Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Sport
Code Course
NHS101 Fundamentals of Nutrition In Class Online
NHS102 Nutritional Assessment (Project, Nutritional Assessment and Planning) In Class Online
NHS103 Nutrition in Aging In Class Online
FSQ004 Introduction to Food Processing In Class Online
NHS104 Nutrition in Disease State (Clinical Nutrition) In Class Online
FSQ006 Food Microbiology In Class Online
NHS105 Nutrition in Life Cycle In Class Online
FSQ008 Food Safety (GMPs, HACCP, BRC/SQF) In Class Online
FSQ009 Food Regulations In Class Online
NHS106 Weight Managements In Class Online
NHS108 Nutrition for the Endurance-Sports Athlete In Class Online
NHS109 Nutrition for the Strength-Sports Athlete In Class Online
NHS110 Nutrition for Intermittent Exercise and Sports In Class Online
NHS111 Supplements in Health and Sport In Class Online
NHS112 Doping in Sport In Class Online
FSQ003 Food Chemistry In Class Online

Graduate are able to pursue careers in:

  • Private and public recreational facilities
  • Fitness and gyms
  • Sports performance facilities
  • Healthcare facilities and medical clinics
  • Self-employment as a consultant
  • Health coaches and employee wellness programs
  • Retailer and Natural health stores
  • Nutrition educator in different facilities
  • Food industry and food services