Research and Development – Food and Pharma Diploma Program

Duration: 50 Weeks

Pharmaceutical and Food industries are highly dependent on Research and Development. R&D has proven to strengthens the economy and improves quality of life for all. Investing in research at all levels is vital for any nation’s long-term growth and prosperity. Recognizing the need for highly trained researcher in the pharma and food industry, AAPS R&D program provides students with the academic, technical, industry and regulatory knowledge needed in order to start research careers in the pharma and food industry.

In this program students will gain hands on experience in performing research laboratory techniques such as HPLC, Dissolution, and various Analytical Chemistry work. These skills are complimented with training on formulation, scientific writing, quality assurance, clinical research and drug safety as well as R&D techniques, processing and safety specific to the food industry.

This R&D program prepares students to work in the Research Laboratories, Compliance , Formulation, and Clinical Research Departments of Pharma companies as well as Food Product Development, Food Processing and Food Safety departments.

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Diploma Program: Please directly contact AAPS for Registration and Payment.

Individual Certificate Courses: Please see below for online availability. The online courses are registered and paid for individually.

Course Outline

Diploma in Research and Development – Food and Pharma
Code Course
RD01 Introduction to R&D Pharma In Class N/A
FSQ005 Food Product Development In Class Online
MFG1007 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Methods In Class Online
FSQ004 Food Processing In Class Online
FSQ008 Food Safety In Class Online
RD02 Good Laboratory Practices and Good Documentation Practices In Class N/A
PLT1005 Pharma Lab Testing – Introduction In Class N/A
PLT2005 Pharma Lab Testing – Intermediate In Class N/A
TWR3009 Technical Writing and Scientific Communication In Class Online
PLT3005 Pharma Lab Testing – Advance In Class N/A
DIS1003 Dissolution Testing – Introduction In Class N/A
DIS2003 Dissolution Testing – Advance In Class N/A
PLC1002 Introduction to HPLC In Class N/A
PLC2002 HPLC – Intermediate In Class N/A
PLC3002 HPLC – Advanced Method Validation and Technology Transfer In Class N/A
PLC4002 HPLC – Advanced Method Development In Class N/A
CR014 Clinical Research Regulations and Good Clinical Practices (GCP) In Class Online
CR028 Global Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance In Class Online
RD03 R&D Project In Class N/A
FSQ001 Principles of QA/QC in the Food Industry In Class Online
RD04 Project Management In Class Online