Is online option for you?

If you are interested in

  • Improving and advancing your career
  • Improving your knowledge base
  • Getting a promotion in your job
  • Getting the right skills and qualifications
  • Academic advancement
  • Professional and personal development

But unable to attend due to

  • Geographic location
  • Family or work responsibilities
  • Personal preferences

Then online option is a perfect fit for you


  • To take courses online you need to have access to a computer/tablet as well as access to internet. You need to be able to view and download various document formats (e.g. pdf, word, powerpoint and excel, etc.)
  • Should you face any technical difficulties you can reach our support team Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST at 416-502-2277.
  • Each course can be taken independently and is priced individually.
  • Each course will lead to a certificate.
  • To obtain the post graduate diploma you need to complete all of the required certificate courses listed under each diploma.
  • You can enroll in as many as certificate courses as you wish at any given time. The ideal course load is about 3-4 courses at any given time.
  • You will be given 6 weeks to complete the courses you have enrolled in.
  • There will be no refund once you have enrolled and accessed the course materials
  • Majority courses are on the blackboard/moodle platform and are structured as a combination of PowerPoint, pdf, and word reading materials, links, quizzes and final exam/project spread.
  • You can communicate with your instructor via email anytime. In addition to the email option you will be given the opportunity to attend three one hour live online meeting with your instructor to give you a chance to discuss the course material, ask any questions and assess your progress.
  • Click here to preview an online course. Please use guest1 as username and preview16 as password.