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Looking for help planning your career path? Or someone to talk to who understand the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industry in Canada?

AAPS can help answer your questions and help you navigate your career path.

What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is the process of harnessing experience and knowledge and sharing it with others. It is about people learning from each other and applying the learning. Mentorship is a nurturing process, which provides the opportunity for more experienced individuals, to share their professional knowledge and expertise with others who are less experienced. A mentor is someone who helps individuals reach their potential by guiding and encouraging them to excel and grow. A mentor inspires, counsels and encourages the mentee in developing their vision for the future and skills needed to advance on a career path. A mentee gains insight and access to new skills and knowledge through the mentor’s example and support.

The mentorship program is offered to all of AAPS students and alumni.
Please contact us at 416-502-2277 or info@aaps.ca for more information.

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