REVUP™ Yourself, REVUP™ Your Team, Managing People More Effectively Workshop

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Dates Available

October 30, 2019


9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


CAD $585.00 + HST


AAPS Training Center
200 Consumers Road, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4R4
Tel: 416-502-2277

Distinguished Faculty

Hilda Gan

Hilda Gan is an Award-winning HR Consultant who has over 20 years of experience in coaching, training and mentoring Managers to be effective leaders. Having managed the business operations of a nationally run consulting firm, Hilda takes a pragmatic business-savvy approach to managing people. With her husband, they created a Best Workplaces in Canada®, top 10 twice. She will share the tips and strategies that created a great workplace. Her background includes work in nursing, healthcare management, clinical research organization, IT, Engineering and professional services firms. Hilda is an HR expert in the area of Cannabis in the Workplace and spoken on the subject matter nationally.


Managers are hired or promoted for their technical and project management skills. Many have little or no education and experience in managing people. This course will help you gain confidence and competence in leading your teams effectively.

Did you know, the top three reasons people leave their organizations are:

  1. Insufficient challenge,
  2. Bad boss and
  3. Bad work environment.

As a Manager, you are in a pivotal role to lead your team by:

  1. Providing challenging work
  2. Becoming an effective leader who can motivate and REVUP™ potential
  3. Enhancing the work environment.

Imagine an organization that provides engaging work, strong, effective managers and a positive work environment. REVUP™ can help you realize that vision.

This course provides practical tips and strategies and the REVUP™ set of principals and philosophy to become an effective manager and leader that can build a team that will retain your top talent.

You will learn from an award-winning HR Expert, who helped create one of the Top 10 Best Workplaces in Canada™. She shares the strategies, values and principles to help you be an effective Manager.

The Workshop will introduce you to the five REVUP™ values and principles and how they can guide all aspects of the leader/manager’s role.

You will learn tools and practical tips that can help leaders/managers deal with day-to-day employee relationships

Learn how to deal with those difficult and challenging conversations such as performance issues, workplace bullying/harassment and employee health issues that will impact the workplace.

You will have the opportunity to discover your unique potential utilizing Fascination AdvantageTM and how you can help staff discover theirs.

Course Outline

  • What Makes a Good Manager?
  • Overview of the REVUP™ values and principles
  • Application of the REVUP™ values and principles in the workplace
  • Tools managers can use to deal with day to day employee relationships and when to partner with Human Resources as a resource.
  • How to REVUP™ potential in your team members.
  • How to deal with those tough conversations such as performance, harassment and personal challenges that impact work.

This course will be delivered in a lively interactive approach to enable you to lead and manage people with more confidence by:

  • Identifying what effective management looks like and how the REVUP™ values and principles contribute to building strong teams.
  • Practicing communication strategies to build strong relationships.
  • Using the REVUP™ values and principles to motivate and lead staff with challenging work, effective management and strong work cultures.
  • Identifying your unique potential and that of your staff with an introduction to the Fascinate Advantage® assessment.
  • Learning to handle difficult conversations/situations with staff while maintaining strong relationships.

Who Should Attend:

Senior and middle managers, staff in the management stream of an organization, and Small and Medium-size Business Entrepreneurs

Certificate of Attendance and Course Material

All participants will:

  • receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course
  • be introduced to Fascination AdvantageTM to identify your unique personal potential
  • receive specially prepared course material
  • receive the opportunity for a post-workshop consultation with the workshop presenter

Registration Fee Includes

Presentation Materials, access to an introductory version of Fascination Advantage™, Post-workshop consultation with workshop presenter, Luncheon, Refreshment and Free Parking (Please indicate any special Dietary requirements when registering for the course).

Note: Registration closes one week prior to the start of workshop.