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AAPS Consulting was created to help business owners like you navigate the heavily-regulated and often complicated Canadian cannabis industry and leverage our experience working with Health Canada to meet regulatory compliance.

We offer full support, guiding you through the application process with the sole objective of positioning your business for approval and success.

Your Business – Our Expertise

Since the advent of the MMPR in 2014, AAPS has developed a proven track record of helping industry leaders obtain licenses and maintain compliance. No matter what regulatory challenges arise, we have the expertise to help you navigate the regulatory hurdles.

License Holder Application

Get Your Licence

Many cannabis-related businesses are making mistakes in the application process, which will cause delays in successfully obtaining your licence. Companies are now required to build a fully compliant facility prior to submitting their evidence package and supporting materials, making it critical to execute from the very beginning in order to avoid costly re-work.

We have drafted comprehensive applications that comply with Health Canada’s strict regulatory requirements with a number of leading companies within the industry. From developing your site plan, determining facility design and operational structure, our experienced team will work diligently to ensure your application project is complete and ready for approval.


Quality Is Key

Understanding Good Production Practices (GPP) and Quality Assurance (QA) procedures related to cannabis is the key to your business’ compliance and success. Moreover, several companies are now seeking EU-GMP certification in order to export medical cannabis to the emerging European market. AAPS has over 25+ years of expertise working within GMP and EU GMP regulations and can assist your company in obtaining it.

International Compliance

The shift to EU-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards for cannabis production is impacting cannabis businesses across Canada. GMP compliance can make your business ready for the future of the cannabis industry. Our team of experts will help you gain an understanding of the essential elements of GPP and GMP, and oversee the design, implementation and monitoring of your quality systems. AAPS

Retail Licensing

Cannabis Retail Application and Support

AAPS Consulting can help your retail business obtain its licence successfully, no matter which province your business is in. We have a comprehensive understanding of the application process across the country. Our experience includes the direct oversight of the opening of the first-announced cannabis retail store in Ontario.

Whether it’s providing application support, hiring and training staff, or consulting on store layout, design and security, our industry experts will set your cannabis retail business up for success.

Organizational Security Plan (OSP)

Safe and Secure

A professionally designed security plan ensures a safe and secure environment, while meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

We will create the best site security plan for your business, including comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), organization chart and job descriptions to keep you compliant.

Record Keeping and SOPs

Documentation Management

Good Documentation Practices (GDP) including record keeping and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are key to successful Health Canada inspections. Documentation is your proof of regulatory compliance, so good documents and proper retention are vital.

AAPS Consulting has a proven track record of assisting companies in setting up and maintaining simple and effective documentation management systems. We will help ensure your record keeping and SOP systems are complete and accurate.

Health Canada & GMP Audits


Failing a regulatory audit can mean not obtaining or maintaining your licence. Regulatory inspection findings can also result in seizure of product, decrease in sales, and a bad reputation, as several cannabis license-holders have already experienced.

The team at AAPS Consulting has 20+ years of Health Canada audit experience. We can help your business be audit-ready for successful inspections, and we will work with you to address gaps immediately and effectively.

Our Services


  • Full Application for all classe
  • Compliance Reports
  • Evidence Package


  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP/ EU GMP)
  • Good Production Practices (GPP)
  • Record Keeping
  • Mock Audits/Audit Preparation


  • Architectural Design and Structure
  • Security (Organizational Security Plan)
  • Customized SOPs
  • Gap Analysis

Human Resources

  • Executive Staffing
  • On-site Training
  • Recognized Certifications

Consultation Process

Our Process

Background and Experience

Laleh Bighash, B.Pharm, MBA – President

Ms. Laleh Bighash has 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical, food and cannabis industries. Her experience at multinational companies including Genpharm Inc., Bayer Corp., and Eli Lilly & Company, have given her expertise in all aspects of these highly-regulated sectors, from Research & Development and Laboratory Operations to Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance, to Financial Planning and Business Development.

Laleh has helped numerous clients navigate the Health Canada application process and understands how to successfully respond to requests and reduce time-to-market. She has also effectively facilitated corporate training for many businesses, keeping them up-to-date and compliant with both Canadian and international regulations.


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